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  1. I had not logged in here for quite some time and I was plesantly surprised at the new version. It looks very nice and sleek. My congratulations to the whole Ips team for a very well done job with Ipb 4.1. Keep it up guys, and gals if any in the team.
  2. First of all the mod works fine. It has been checked/tested throughly by the MP moderators before it was approved. That being said, you are being very vague. Can you provide a little more details, like what version of Ipb do you have and explain step by step how are you trying to add it/configure it to your forum? The more details the better.
  3. There are not any pland to do so atm. What part of the product and instructions is it that it has upset you so much?
  4. ​ Would you mind to give me temp admin access to your forum so I could check this?
  5. ​It is compatible with the forum only. What portal mod are you using btw? ​ Indeed. The banned ip(s) will hit a block immediately after loading your forum. To make use of my mod, you can un ban that ip address. You will have more fun by frustrating them rather than an outright ban.
  6. ​Personally I have not had a chance yet to try out the 4 version and therefore I can not be of much help to you. But if I were you I would check out the bug tracker and see if this has been filed in from someone and if a fix is provided. If there is no such bug report, then you can report it.
  7. ​A little off topic, but this is exactly why betas are not supposed to be run into live sites. They are not called beta for nothing. That being said, I do not know what the Ips support policy is in regard to the beta versions, but if they provide support for it, then try to open a support ticket. On a side note, can you try to upgrade to beta 6 and see if it would make any difference? Perhaps it is a bug which has been fixed in the newest beta version.
  8. ​Regarding the posts/threads, they carry the permissions intact. Meaning users will see only the content that they are allowed to. ​I plan to upgrade it for 4.0. When the 4.0 compatible version is released the mod will have to be purchased again. As it will be a complete re-write to make it compatible with the 4.0.
  9. I can not be online for ever. And I told you to not keep pming because you did so every day. You were very very impatient. And I also asked you to provide admin and ftp info for me to check the issue. And you did not provide the info that I asked for. Short of developing psychic powers there is not much that I can do without checking th eissue first hand at your forum/server environment. P.s. That the mod works fine is very easy to proove. All mods here before being approved, are checked thoroughly by the Marketplace mods.
  10. Personally I can not reproduce this. Nor does anyone else reported a similiar issue. Anyway, I would need full admin&ftp access to check this thoroughly. If you can pm it to me I will check it thisi week-end. What other app are you talking about btw?
  11. Can you post a screenshot of the settings of the mod? Also can you change your forum language to english and disable all the other hooks and give it another try?
  12. I am online now. So if you can set up the age restriction and post here the link to the topic I will check it out.
  13. Can you please post the url to one of those topics along with a test account?
  14. Choose whatever option you like. My mod does not add any table so whatever you choose is fine.
  15. I just read it and replied back.
  16. Personally I can not reproduce this. Would you mind to pm me your forum link and admin log in info so I can have a look at it?
  17. The template is called: topicrate. The part of code you asked to remove is: <h4 class='statistics_head'>{$this->lang->words['nenadice_topic_rate_title']}</h4> Leave the phrase intact and remove the following part: <h4 class='statistics_head'></h4>
  18. It is the numeric value. For example, let us take this very topic. Its url is: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/397705-featured-topics/ The numeric part, 397705, is the id of this topic. The same goes for the other topics.
  19. I liked it a lot as well. It looked very nice and sharp.
  20. That is why it is always best imho to do some checking first before rushing and making posts like you did in the OP. Just saying :)
  21. I do not get any ads here either. Most likely, as pointed above, it looks like your pc might be infected. Run a scan with a antivrus/antispyware program.
  22. Not in the current version. No, it is for posts only.
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