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I'm into consistency and user experience.
The current sidebar (on the forum listing and blog home) are a good start, but sooooo much more could be done to really improve this area.

Why? Because sidebars help drive traffic and user attention without interrupting page flow.
It is also a SUPERB area for ads (so much better than flow interrupting banners between posts).

Think of how amazing the world would be with contextual (configurable by app maybe) sidebar(s) built into IPB. I am right this minute. And it is giving me a warm feeling inside.

Thanks in advance.

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(said in the voice of someone with an IPS avatar)

Great feedback Geek. Love where you're goin with this. I can't see any reason why we shouldn't do this by next week. I can't believe no one in the world had thought of this before. Thanks for taking the time to bask us with your creativity. Being able to create contextual sidebars throughout the IPS apps would be revolutionary. The end.

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