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  1. I am sure a timed mouse over would be a nice improvement. And I am sure a setting or simple template edit would be able to satisfy everyone else. Personally I would prefer it to appear after a hover over the title (on a 2 sec delay maybe). Same with member cards. Just haven't gotten round to figure out how to do it yet.
  2. Test it with 2 accounts on the same computer. Assign both the accounts ID's in the Debug setting. Log in to your site with one account Log out Log in with the other account Does it trip? Check the mudd and mudd deails tables in your DB. Are they empty? If not, maybe you are not set up to view the report plugin. HTHs
  3. When I view New Content I get TITLE TO NEW CONTENT Clicking on the Icon AND the title SEEM to do the same thing. It would be great if we could have the icon take us to the first unread while clicking on the title would take us to the first page. It doesn't make sense if both the icon and the title takes you to the same place. In watched content this behaviour should be duplicated (even more so under watched content) . Right now you only get a linked title and that never takes you to your first unread post. Also, I find clicking through search results to be frustrating. For instance - I search for Ajax and click a topic title which takes me to a post somewhere in the thread where Ajax is indeed mentioned, but what about the previous mentions of Ajax in the thread? I am assuming that it takes you to the latest mention of your search keyword(s) - but it seems sort of unintuitive to me - meh. Maybe it is just me but if I want that kind of result - I would just choose to display results in a post format as I usually find myself having to scroll back (and sometimes go to earlier pages) just to catch the context of the discussion.
  4. Yea, proxy doesn't matter. Either they are also getting around the cookies and/or they aren't valid trips (as in they aren't coming from the same box).
  5. I think you should do a specific iPad app.... ... in flash :P
  6. Sounds like you're missing a template? You're not running in_dev mode are you? can you check you have the skin_mudd/flashCookie skin?
  7. (said in the voice of someone with an IPS avatar) Great feedback Geek. Love where you're goin with this. I can't see any reason why we shouldn't do this by next week. I can't believe no one in the world had thought of this before. Thanks for taking the time to bask us with your creativity. Being able to create contextual sidebars throughout the IPS apps would be revolutionary. The end.
  8. This is for IPB 3.1.1 - looks like you are trying to install on an earlier version? There is a 3.0.5 version you can install if thats what you're after. HTHs
  9. The only real processing that MUDD does (apart from generating a small amount of HTML for the flash cookie) is when a trip takes place and that happens as a call back so it won't use any resources while page browsing. I don't store anything in the session table or anywhere else outside of MUDD tables for that matter and they are only used when a trip has taken place. The first time the cookie is used, it stores a unique hash and memberid that MUDD passes to it. The cookie then ignores all subsequent hashes and will trigger if a different memberid is passed. If that happens, it will swap out the old memberid for the new one (retaining its hash) and call up MUDD on your server (all this obviously happens AFTER the page was loaded). MUDD then does some checking about and generates a Report (or updates an existing one) if the user isn't whitelisted or isn't in a whitelisted membergroup or if the cookie hash wasn't whitelisted. The first MUDD entry date, time, etc... is always empty as we only start the official "tracking" only once multiple users have tripped that cookie hash. So far seems like most people are satisfied with the reporting. There are a couple minor issues and tweaks I have to roll out but will wait a few more days just to make sure and then most likely release it as final. Hope this helps!
  10. Huh. thats really odd. If you can PM me a temp account i'll check it out
  11. Thanks TC :) Wait is over. MUDD2 for 3.1.1 is here: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3334-mudd2-multi-useraccount-detection-dinger/
  12. Great catches - thanks! The only setting that I could find NOT saving was the report viewing setting. I did find the bug and want you to know I mercilessly squashed it. It will never irritate you (or anyone else for that matter) ever again. The debugText issue... well... er. That was my bad for leaving it in the upload folder as I had already fixed it at source (see how I absolved responsibility of the first issue there. Got away with only 50% fault). Anyhow... updated the package. If you simply re-upload the files, Bob will indeed be your uncle. Thanks for your help again!
  13. No problem - I uploaded a new package that should sort this out. Thanks for helping out :)
  14. Ah turd. I guess I now know how IPB deals with table prefixes :) In admin/applications_addon/other/mudd/setup/versions/install/sql/mudd_mysql_tables.php change all instances of `mudd*` to: mudd* (removing the ` ) Im fixing and uploading soon.
  15. Some notes about the BETA release that I didn't want to put in the public viewing area ;) My goal is to have multiple detection methods but this current version will only use Flash Cookies. I chose this method over traditional Cookie based systems as Flash Cookies are a little more robust and slightly harder to get around than normal Cookies. Saying that, Flash brings its own PitA problems in catching trips (mismatched versions, installations required and the recent privacy improvements they have made). In short, you may still get some missed trips with this system but in theory it should be less likely than a traditional Cookie based system. Nothing is perfect, but I think this is a fairly solid start that should capture most of your typical site abusers. Known issues in Beta 1: - If you use the admin panel to enter members into the whitelist and also cache the whitelist (the default) - the whitelist may actually not cache. This will be resolved for the next version but as a workaround, simply whitelist users from a report or don't cache the whitelist or after adding the users, toggle the whitelist cache option off and then on. - If you aren't seeing trips but know they have taken place (i.e. there are entries in the mudd and mudd_details table) then check the Report Plugin settings ( admin->System->Report Plugins->Mudd). Look forward to any thoughts and suggestions. Thanks
  16. File Name: MUDD2 Multi Useraccount Detection Dinger File Submitter: The Geek File Submitted: 09 Jul 2010 File Category: Applications MUDD - Multiple Useraccount Detection Dinger v. 2.0.0 BETA 1 (Yes, I did work hard to make the acronym fit) MUDD is an alarm system to catch members using multiple profiles from the same computer. When a user is detected using multiple accounts, a report in the report centre is created. It will bust a good chunk of the people but remember no system is foolproof and every approach has its downsides. Additional Features: Easily whitelist computers and users from the applications admin area Whitelist users and computers from the report centre You can set certain members to use a debug mode which can help you diagnose missed trips Please Note: This app is in BETA so there are more than likely going to be a few issues There are additional methods of catching duplicates that I am working on implementing but can't promise when those will be out This app is NOT compatible with earlier versions of MUDD. If you have the old MUDD 1.x hooks installed, get rid of them This app was developed for IPB 3.1.1 - don't think it will work on earlier versions. To install: Upload the contents of the UPLOAD_INTO_FORM_ROOT folder into your forums folder. Be sure to keep the folder structure intact. Browse to your admin->System->Manage Applications & Modules page Scroll down to the bottom and click the Install link for MUDD Once installed: Configure via the My Apps->MUDD->Settings page You can tweak who can view the reports via the MUDD report plugin (admin->System->Report Centre->Plugin Manager-> Edit Mudd Settings) To Debug: Browse to MUDD settings page ( My Apps->MUDD->Settings ) In the Debug Member IDs - enter a comma separated list of members who will see the debug box An annoying white box will appear at the top of each of these users screens giving some info that can help track down missed trips. Stuff to do: Increasing detection methods Sort out trip notifications Have a cold beer I look forward to comments, suggestions and small sacrifices of Oreo shakes in my honour. nJoy Click here to download this file
  17. I'm into consistency and user experience. The current sidebar (on the forum listing and blog home) are a good start, but sooooo much more could be done to really improve this area. Why? Because sidebars help drive traffic and user attention without interrupting page flow. It is also a SUPERB area for ads (so much better than flow interrupting banners between posts). Think of how amazing the world would be with contextual (configurable by app maybe) sidebar(s) built into IPB. I am right this minute. And it is giving me a warm feeling inside. Thanks in advance.
  18. Sorry for the lack of info on the update - there is one in development right now but sadly I have been totally swamped the last 3 months at work. I just got to a stage where I can start some work on it today. I hope it won't take too long but am hesitant to allude to it being done in any particular time frame. Thanks for understanding!
  19. Will be updating this - I am just in middle of a whirlwind at work. In fact, I haven't even looked at 3.1 yet. Fingers crossed I can do something for next week. Thanks for understanding!
  20. Wow - this is superb news! Auto parsing media tags is one of the most requested and used modifications of "other" forum software. And while I would agree that there should be an option to disable auto parsing of media links, I would argue that most users actually do expect media to auto embed. Most users don't want to mess with bbcode. Smart linking is the way of the future! :)
  21. Sorry for the delay - I have it most of the way done, however I have been very, very busy at work the past couple weeks and haven't had any time to complete it. TBH, I won't be able to get back to it until after the 10th. Hopefully it won't be more than a week after that. Thanks for understanding :)
  22. Nice improvements there. One day it would be great to enable private chatting site-wide in a kind of FB style.
  23. View New Content has come back! I heart you View New Content. I heart you.

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