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A lot of people take the time to complain about things gone wrong, or a job done poorly, but I want to take a moment and publicly thank Invision for over five years of remarkable customer support. Most recently it was Mark H that delved into a problem my website encountered, but this could easily be about any of several other Invision technicians. They're ALWAYS responsive and timely. And on the occasions where it takes multiple iterations to solve a problem (which is simply the nature of the beast), they persevere until it's fixed to my satisfaction.

Really not much to add except Thank You!

Don Rockwell

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If it wasnt for those guys id have given up a long time ago, they are always there to help with even the smallest thing

You never have to wait too long for a reply (not even when they are busy upgrading sites to new versions)

Hats off to you guys....your doing a great job and doing this community proud :)

Btw this doesnt mean im gonna give you a break mind :)

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