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[Feature request] Spell checker


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How about adding support to pspell module in PHP, and then spell checker like SMF has? :)

No offense, but what a waste of a resource that would be. If someone were to make that as an add-on, I could see it. But not as an in-built feature. As was pointed out, many browsers have it already these days. Not only that, but chances are, it wouldn't get used except by a very minute number of people (this would be on a medium to large board). Not only that, but unless it contained a way to check for grammar and syntax, a spell checker alone is rather useless. Someone could have words spelled correctly, but using the wrong spelling of a similar sounding word, ex their there, your you're, hi high, to too two, etc.

Besides wo carres abut spellin anywayz? :rolleyes:

Tha purpus ov wurdz iz to kommoonikayt a thawt or idea.

When you get down to it, so long as the meaning is understood, it truly doesn't matter about the spelling, grammar, etc. Not to endorse laziness to spelling correctly or anything else, just that there comes times to ignore spelling and such.
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Half of the modern browsers have spell checking built in.

And why include something in our software when your browser already does it, and it works for sites other than one forum installation?

Yeah. I'd say PHP / JS spellcheckers are a bit of a anachronism these days.

This is said but I've noticed in my Firefox (3.6) both at home and here at work that it doesn't seem to work, not sure if this is because the editor is in a iframe or it's another reason needless to say I have another add-on installed to try to combat this but its run manually and far from convenient.
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