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  1. As noted, if you're the license holder, please file a Support ticket in the Client Area for assistance. We'll be glad to assist you. Thank you.
  2. Please post questions like that in the Support forum, as it is not Feedback. Thank you.
  3. You're welcome to inquire on webhostingtalk or theadminzone about selling your entire Client Area, but such discussions are not allowed here. The incidence of fraud is incredibly high in such cases, and we cannot become involved in any such transactions or disputes arising from doing so. Thank you.
  4. Small correction, but that's simply "Download", right next to the "Upload" permission checkbox.
  5. Please file a ticket within your Client Area, to the Account & Billing department. They can resolve that for you. :) Thank you.
  6. I forgot that I'm not 20 years old anymore. 2 days of yardwork and I feel like a truck hit me.

    1. Amy T

      Amy T

      So how old are you?

    2. Mark H.

      Mark H.

      Uhh... read my "About Me"? ;)

    3. Amy T

      Amy T

      You are a lot older then I thought.

  7. Please ask that question in one of the Support forums. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the positive feedback. It's appreciated! :)
  9. Since this is not Feedback, we'll close this now.
  10. Since this is not Feedback, I'm afraid I'll have to close the topic. Thank you.
  11. Since this is properly a suggestion, I've moved it to the Feedback area for you. Thank you.
  12. If you behave... nothing.

  13. Gravatar.... that rings a bell. Yup, thought so. http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-24819-cant-remove-gravatar/
  14. I see what's going on there. Clicking the "Get Started" button shows a popup with outdated information. I've added a task to our internal list to have that looked at, thanks for bringing it to our attention. :)
  15. We have several places where that info is posted. Announcement, pinned post in a couple forums, in the "Forum Rules", etc. We've not had any problem with people registering and then leaving. The forum is open to viewing for Guests in the first place, since we want the info available for public viewing, so those who do sign up have generally been there for a while and know the rules. :)
  16. Well, the solution we used on my forum is to make the default member Group unable to start ANY new topics until they make one reply to an existing post, when they are then promoted to a Group that can start new Topics. Members to Full Members. Solved our problem, and didn't even need Flood Control. We have had zero spammers in well over a year now. That's one other option.
  17. You can also set the Flood Control, which limits posts to one every "X" seconds. That's set in the ACP -> System Settings -> Security & Privacy -> "Flood control delay (in seconds)".
  18. I'll close this duplicate post. Neko Chan, please feel free to reply in the other ticket.
  19. Please read the rules pinned at the top of this forum. Thank you.
  20. The version that is there *now* is the correct one.
  21. Minnesota has two seasons. "Winter is coming" and "Winter is here".

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. AndyF
    3. Scandy


      Agreed. MN is tiring, too much snow. :/

    4. dieselpowered


      Arizona has two seasons as well, summer and construction :)

  22. Well... we're not *quite* staffed 24/7 in Tier I Support, which is where I work, but it's close. Some nights, we do overlap shifts, but it's not always every night. Still and all, thank you for the positive feedback. It's greatly appreciated. :)
  23. I've unapproved the post with the attached fix. Until Dawpi publicly says he's given permission to redistribute the mod, don't repost it here please. Thank you.
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