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  1. Wouldn't the image upload benefit from the flash uploader so you don't have to upload them one at a time but could select and upload multiple images at once?
  2. Does this view have the topic popup box on rollover? That would be nice to have!
  3. BUT its hot pink!!! its ok I've been resisting against pink for years now (refuse to wear a pink shirt :P). I like the new improvements though one thing I would like to see is some style changes to the left side navigation. All that text blurs into one so maybe some bottom borders between categories and some alternative coloured rows might help, of course your the creative genius Rikki so I'll leave it to you.
  4. For my mods i don't reply to everything or implement every suggestion but i do write good suggestions down on a "todo" list. I don't tell people about it but just post feature blogs (similar to IPS). Of course i get requests in the 10's, IPS get's them in the 1000's.
  5. +1 The general chat here has been correct, not every feature request can be read to and replied to and a feature tracker wouldn't change that. That said when i was working IP.Tracker we did talk about adding feature requests feature into it and the current iteration did get the framework ready for improvements towards that. Not sure where that is at now but this topic is probably better suited for the IP.Tracker suggestions forum.
  6. The reason i mentioned integrating the calendar with facebook is that it sync's directly with my phone calendar which is very handy, otherwise i'm usually against too much social network integration too. <br>
  7. Is there no integration with social networks like facebook you can have events and RSVP for those. Would make sense to integrate the two?<br>
  8. [quote name='Matt' timestamp='1297691329'] [quote name='Ikadon' timestamp='1297690711']I would say &amp;quot;great&amp;quot; if square-photographs wouldn't look so stupid. There's a reason why photos are rectangular and no squares! :( <br><br>Just to point out facebook uses portrait photos on your profile :P. <br><br>P.S. You're not camera shy :P *cough* poser *cough*<br><br>P.P.S Fix the post parser, these html tags in posts have been showing up a lot lately on these forums. <br>
  9. It was mentioned that fast reply will use ajax in 3.2. There will probably be a blog about it when its integrated.
  10. Seriously, about damn time. Been saying this should be used for a infinite amount of time. I've used CKEditor for a long time now and it really is great. It creates semantic xhtml valid xhtml and doesn't do anything screwy. It even does a great job at handling the crap word throws at you. I've created a load of plugins it too and its really quite easy to do if you have knowledge of JS. Now tell me your using the jQuery adapter and moving to jQuery and I'll be in heaven :D. <br><br><br>
  11. *bump* :P i have the HTC Desire HD with Android 2.2. An app would be nice.
  12. Yea i recently was working with INNODB and doing inserts were taking 20x longer than with MyISAM. Using iNNODB was an oversight though and once fixed everything worked fantastic again.
  13. INNODB is a lot slower at inserting rows into a DB though compared to MYISAM. Although this won't be a big issue on a few queries on lots its a page killer.
  14. I think 5.3 is stable now, i've moved onto it on my local environment but yes them discontinuing support so soon was a bit of a shock.
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