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  1. Wouldn't the image upload benefit from the flash uploader so you don't have to upload them one at a time but could select and upload multiple images at once?
  2. Yea we have basecamp but still looking into that. Paid solutions isn't a issue as its for work and they have a budget for it. Will check out active collab.
  3. Looking into this and trying to find what would be a good system. Wondering if anyone has any experience with these systems. Looking for something that is probably a hosted solution rather than a desktop solution. Needs to be able to handle input from project managers and developers and needs the usual features. Probably needs to work to a agile development process however some flexibility on moving to bug fixing on other projects in between would be beneficial. Suggestions would help, thanks.
  4. I have two windows live accounts, one i use publically and one for private/personal stuff. A personal gmail account. I also have another gmail account for work.
  5. I made use of this on my latest project. In whole I have to say I liked it. I would say its a bit green yet so in its infancy but it has great potential. I've been wanting to get away from custom DB adapters for a while and move onto a ORM based one like this or doctrine. I like how light php-activerecord is, the whole thing is in a dozen files. Things I was say though: The quick query methods could be a bit more intuitive, the syntax for some things isn't obvious but its still easy as its well documented. The output methods don't work on multiple row sets, only on single items so you have to loop or write your own (as i did), they said this will be added in future. Its tempting to using the magic methods and reflection methods e.g. find_by_table_field() but those with enough know how will know to steer away for performance. If written properly you can get away with not any reflection methods or magic calls so its nice and fast. But I benchmarked this for a super API so every millisecond counted, for a normal app its fine. Has anyone else used this, any comments and how did it compare with other ones you've used?
  6. I thought I'd post this here as some people might find it useful, its free so you can't argue with that. What it does is allow you to grab videos from all over the web like youtube, vimeo, brightcove etc and paste the links or search from within the site and build a new channel for all your videos. It'll then give you a embed link which you can paste their custom player on your site and play all the videos. It has loads of different style players and supports html5 playback too. Its also got a place where you can upload a video and it'll encode them to lots of formats and give you a single bit.ly type link (yok.to). This you can play on any device and it'll send the right video for that device so it works on mobiles and game consoles etc. This is free for one month and then you pay for each video after that. Check it out though at: http://yokto.tv
  7. When ever I create a registry I always make it a singleton, now this might not be useful for some people but its never posed an issue for me. The idea of the singleton is that the registry and objects stored inside can never be initialised more than once which stops issues of having lots of different objects floating about. There's one example of a registry pattern that I've been using for yrs posted below. I will say that you application has another issue because if you load init in the index and the index loads your MVC or other classes than the constants should be available, only variables won't be because of class scoping if this is done in a proper OOP way. Also the registry isn't for storing variables, its for storing objects. <?php /** * This is a singleton registry class * */ class Registry { /** * @var array Store objects and name data. */ private $data = array(); /** * @var object Stores instance of registry class. */ static private $_registry = null; /** * Constructor * * @param void * @return void */ public function __construct() {} /** * Singleton pattern implementation makes "clone" unavailable * * @param void * @return void */ private function __clone() {} /** * Creates an instance of registry if it doesn't already exist. * * @return object */ public static function getInstance() { if( self::$_registry === null ) { self::$_registry = new self(); } return self::$_registry; } /** * Add to the registry using magic method. * * @param string Name of oject to add to registry. * @param object Object to add to registry. * @return void */ public function __set( $name, $object ) { if( !isset( $this->data[ $name ] ) ) { $this->data[ $name ] = $object; } } /** * Remove from registry using magic method * * @param string Name of object to remove from registry * @return void */ public function __unset( $name ) { if( isset( $this->data[ $name ] ) ) { unset( $this->data[ $name ] ); } } /** * Return object * * @param string Name of object to return * @return void */ public function __get( $name ) { if( isset( $this->data[ $name ] ) ) { return $this->data[ $name ]; } return false; } /** * Check if a object exists in the registry * * @param string Name of object to check * @return bool */ public function __isset( $name ) { if( isset( $this->data[ $name ] ) ) { return true; } return false; } } ?> to store objects or create a registry instance you can do the following, for example in your index.php: $registry = Registry::GetInstance(); $registry->db = new mysql_db_layer(); then a few files later like a controller you'd do: $registry = Registry::GetInstance(); $this->db = $registry->db; $this->db->query("SELECT...");
  8. I add it to the snippets part, its more manual but works.
  9. Yep Zend Studio/Eclipse also supports PHPDoc too.
  10. Does this view have the topic popup box on rollover? That would be nice to have!
  11. Just wondering what experience people have with using ORM's in their projects and the pros and cons. I like the idea and usually create some sort of ORM design when working on projects although they tend to be just shortcut functions than an actual proper implementation. Just revisiting the idea and have heard about Doctrine and reading the documentation on it now. I will then do some userbility testing and benchmarking against it. I would defintely say its not useful for small projects but seeing I'm going to using this for a enterprise sized object i've decided to investigate its viability. Just wondering what everyone else has to say on the subject.
  12. Jaggi

    Zend Studio

    Yea about half way into using i realised its actually eclipse with Zend stuff on top. Not sure of the differences but still using it. Not debugged in it yet though.
  13. The nice guys over at Zend have sent me a free perpetual license for Zend Studio and Zend Server, got Zend Studio installed and giving it a try, not sure if I'll try Zend Server yet as I trust my wamp setup. Since my usual editor is Dreamweaver you could say this is my first use of a an IDE specifically built for php. Not done nothing amazing with it yet as very busy at work but will need to play about with it and watch a few of the tutorial videos. Anyone had any experience with and did anyone else get a freebie in their inbox today? (apparently given to all Zend Certified Engineers).
  14. Similar thing which someone did against apple, they forced him to hand it over to them though so going on what MAT B said you do have options.
  15. You should be on 5.3 by now 5.2 is no longer supported and 5.3 has lots of good improvements. The only issue i have is at work with our ubuntu servers which hasn't upgraded its packages yet and all our servers installed it from there so stuck with 5.2 but just agreed we're going to redo them from source from now on so we can upgrade.
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