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  1. another issue I experienced today, though it might be related to specific browser (Chrome 12). I use View 1 as default for volume control. Volume Slider randomly disappears from shoutbox window. Full page reload usually restores it. While volume slider is gone, also audio alerts don't work. Thanks for your quick reply anyway. No rush, enjoy the weekend.
  2. +1. And it should not be difficult to implement it.
  3. Found another little bug. When I select "VIEW 2" volume style, instead of "Sound" button, i can see only blank button withount any letters. See the screenshot. Checked with default IP.Board skin and another custom skin (Clean.Cut), probles is with both of them. IPB 3.1.4, IP.Shoutbox 1.1.4, (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts 1.1.6
  4. I found a problem. When I set "Play Alert on Own Shout" to NO, my shoutbox stopped auto-refresh. Only full-page reload refreshes the shoutbox. When I revert it back to YES, shoutbox is working ok. I have IPB 3.1.4, IP.Shoutbox 1.1.4, and (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts 1.1.6. Could anyone try to reproduce this ?
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