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If you upgrade your forums to 3.0.5


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Sheesh, I just received a rather 'negative' response from IPS.

I asked for help from IPS in uninstalling "Chat Services" from the recent upgrade. Since "Chat Services" is part of IP.Board and the upgrade reinstalled it, I was told that IPS doesn't support IP.Chat beta.

Now, while I do know that beta releases are not supported, I do know that "Chat Services" is part of the IP.Board package that is supported and that the upgrade reinstalled "Chat Services" after I uninstalled it. Now, am I wrong or isn't the reason for us paying our semi-annual fee is to ask for support for this?

The problem is that I didn't ask for support to fix IP.Chat. I asked for support to help uninstall "Chat Services" and I'm being told that I can't get support to repair database error problems that are resulting from uninstalling "Chat Services" due to the recent upgrade.

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tex, you really need to spend less time criticizing other members. The whole point of these topics is to post feedback about IPS related issues. You seem to have an issue because I posted a problem I was having with the upgrade. You really need to get over it and let us post our concerns over these products that we have licenses for.

I think you're a little too judgmental when it comes to other people and you need to give other people the benefit of the doubt instead of being negative about what they're posting.

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Wow, ok guys calm down.

Firstly, we can assist in uninstalling the normal chat services application, yes. Whoever read your ticket probably misunderstood it. Reply and clarify that you want help uninstalling the default app that comes with IPB. You aren't asking for help with the IP.Chat beta.

Point the tech to this topic if you want.

Secondly, to uninstall the chat services if it was reinstalled

1) Login to FTP and delete /admin/applications_addon/ips/chat/setup (just delete the entire folder).
2) Uninstall the application via the ACP

You should no longer receive any SQL errors during the uninstall process.

Because this topic is kind of getting out of control I'm going to close it now. I'll just reiterate the following points

  • We do not consider this to be an IPB bug in any way, shape or form
  • We WILL address this at the IP.Chat level before it goes final.
  • Once again, if you are not comfortable using beta software which is believed to have bugs or other problems, you should think carefully before using a product labeled beta. We fully expect IP.Chat to have issues here and there (i.e. - this one) but cannot provide support for beta releases officially. Be patient, post issues in a calm manner and explain them in as much detail as possible, and we will work on fixes for reported issues in future releases.

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