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  1. Oh so it's another, half-baked, feature then? Not thought out properly, forgetting the inclusion of core functionality, like permissions? Awesome!
  2. Problem Solved! Turns out he had some MacAfee app running on there. He deleted it and the problem went with it. I told him he'd be better off with a virus. Anyway, thanks guys! 🙂
  3. It seems to be images posted on this host https://postimages.org/ I can't link to the posts on my site as it's in a non-guest viewable area. However, viewing the thread on my Windows PC running Chrome, with an ad-blocker, Blocks the images too. So, I suspect the browser on his iPad has an ad-blocker and it's treating the images as adverts. Anyone got an iPad and know how to turn the ad blocker off?
  4. Hi Gang. One of my members posted about his issue, since I don't have any Apple devices to test with, I'm asking for your help please!
  5. I can't seem to find any per group viewing permissions for Clubs content. I know I can hide the Clubs menu item from guests but content from the sidebar widget remains visible. Any clues please?
  6. Thanks, it's in a ticket now, advanced to your higher level team.
  7. Blimey, me again! I'm getting this error, viewing some of the oldest blogs in "View Latest Entries" view. Yet other blog entries on the same page are unaffected. The quoted error message appears in a black box where the image for the effected blog would be shown. Changing Themes has no effect. Thanks in advance for any clues!
  8. Yes it is! I just CMOD'd all the folders to 0777 and the images show using HTTPS in the url now. You wonderful people, thanks very much! EDIT Yep, confirmed, working on the forum! Did the edit conf_global.php and the ACP cache thing.
  9. So I had a quick look myself with Filezilla. On one of the forums that works Most of the subfolders in the Uploads directory are on 0777 The forum that's broken are all on 0755 Is that the issue do you think?
  10. Yes, I've got on to my host to get them to check for me. I'll post back with any progress. Thanks everyone! 🙂
  11. Strangely, I have two older IPS forums, almost dormant. They are hosted on the same server but on different accounts on there. They work perfectly fine, they even worked before I rebuilt the cache step in the ACP. I can't see what I did differently with this forum, apart from updating it to the latest (4.5) build last night.
  12. It just clears the cache, yes? I have done it but I will try the process again when it's less busy on there. This is the site. Thanks for your time, trying to help.
  13. Aye, thank you. I should have mentioned I'd followed that guide. It is self hosted. It's uploaded avatars and gallery images that are broken.
  14. Hi guys If I enable HTTPS in conf_global.php all the image links break. Anyone got a clue for me?
  15. I had this with an earlier version. Check this post.
  16. Getting back to my 500 server error. A graceful reboot of the server seems to have stabilized things. It seems the upgrade did a runaway with the system memory?
  17. I had to revert the theme to default for them to show up. I had very few customisations so I don't know what the issue was. I keep getting a 500 server error randomly though, I've got a ticket in.
  18. Nevermind, it was a themes issue.
  19. They are enabled in the ACP but don't show on the front end. Is there some other funky setting I'm missing somewhere?
  20. It's a pity you can't get an answer from IPS without suffering trial by fan-boi.
  21. I don't want an update, I want the SECURITY PATCH.
  22. I should have mentioned that it's on a "support expired" site.
  23. Where's the security patch for the latest profile photos issue? Also, how do I disable the big red banner at the top of my site?
  24. Well, scratch that idea, there doesn't even seem to be a Validating group anymore! They'll probably call it a feature!
  25. Maybe you could move the user into the "Validating" group and re-send the validation email. Although, I'm not sure if you can do that? I can't understand why IPS removes these admin tools?
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