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Post number discrepancy


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[quote name='optrexnz' date='10 November 2009 - 09:24 AM' timestamp='1257841460' post='1877709']
Do some of the forums not add to post count when you post in them ?

Correct. In new IP.Board 3.x are 'two' post counters. One counting all posts but the second posts made only in countable forums. ;)

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This has been discussed many times. There are two post counts. One is a total count and the other is an 'active posts' count, meaning the number of posts that are still available by the member. Don't know why it was decided to give both but oh well.

If you want to ask for help on how to change it, it should be in the peer to peer support forum.

I've requested before that both counts be shown in the profile, but Rikki said he'd only give one (the true total). Perhaps another request (using this thread) might help change his mind..

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The reason is due to a technicality in a feature on the profile, specifically the posts per day statistic and percent of total forum posts.

What if your board has one forum that increments posts, and one that doesn't. The total count doesn't care which forums increment user post counts and which don't (this is by design), so say you have 10 total posts on the forum. One user posted 5 topics in the forum that increments post counts, and one posted 5 in the forum that doesn't.

For the user that posted in the forum that doesn't increment post counts, he'd have (if we only showed the post count on the profile that increments)

0 posts ( 5 posts per day / 50% of forum total)

How could have 0 posts, but 50% of the total posts on the forum)? OR, he could have

0 posts ( 0 posts per day / 0% of forum total)

However, then when you look at the forums itself, this user actually does have 50% of the total of course.

No matter what route we go here, it's going to be confusing.

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