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Download: (SOS31) Members Viewing Forums v2.0.0

Adriano Faria

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File Name: (SOS31) Members Viewing Forums v2.0.0
File Submitter: Adriano Faria
File Submitted: 04 Aug 2009
File Updated: 25 Oct 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook will show, on board index and subforums, how many users (guests and registered members) are viewing each forum. You can set if you want to include all subforums active members; if you want to show (0 Viewing) when no user is viewing the forum/subforums and the groups allowed to see the total of users viewing forums.

Copyright Note:

  • This mod is an update of D23-# Members Viewing Forum v1.0, from Dean & Logan, D-Scripting. This update was authorized by Logan.


  • Compatibility: IP.Board 3.1.X
  • No file or template edit required.
  • This hook increases significantly the number of queries executed. If you have a very large number of forums, please consider NOT to use this hook.

Click here to download this file
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Has this been updated or a update soon? i only ask because I installed it and noticed that it added 18 extra queries to the index page. I assume it's 1 query per forum. A suggestion would be to add a option to decide which forums exclude such as on my site it's not necessary for staff room, trash, rss, archives and test forum. That alone for me would remove 6 -8 queries. Thanks and kind regards.

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I upgraded to 3.1.2 today and as usually after the upgrade I would do the file edit,

Open admin\applications\forums\sources\classes\forums\class_forums.php and find:
$forum_data['full_last_title'] = isset( $forum_data['last_title'] ) ? $forum_data['last_title'] : '';

This is not there any more so I can not get this going. I love this mod, how can I get this going again.

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