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  1. Stop complaining and redownload the new version he posted and you can control the speed etc..
  2. You have to open the XML file and search for CCCCCC that's the border color and change to what ever you want.
  3. I Vote the first (You voted 5) and who ever vote after me give you a very low vote that's why it drop to 3
  4. thank you it's much better now..
  5. Color,and which forums we can choose from to show in the ticker and how many topics we can pull and control the speed as well,if you can put all these in settings it will make it much better to used..
  6. Good idea this is why it will be nice if he add some settings to control it..
  7. I like this but it really need some settings so we can control it better,it moving to fast...
  8. I bought it also 2 years ago from his website and now he don't have that site any more and no way i going buy this again,money don't grow on trees... :mad: Name: Hannah Nava (The recipient of this payment is Verified) Total amount: -$10.00 USD Fee amount: $0.00 USD Net amount: -$10.00 USD Item Title: [EN30] Ajax Thanks v1.0.2 Item Number: 173 Date: Feb 23, 2010 Time: 09:43:08 GMT-05:00 Status: Completed
  9. Just wait to he upgrade it the man not a robot.
  10. Yes i want this back it's best thing for your board in speed wise...
  11. It working now i had to empty the cache from my browser,btw good job
  12. When i click the @ by a members name it do nothing
  13. JahLion

    iRadio Hook

    I can't seem to get this to work getting bunch errors,does this work with 3.2.3 hosting boards :hmm: An error occured with the SQL server: mySQL query error: SELECT COUNT(*) AS posts, COUNT(DISTINCT(topic_id)) AS topics FROM posts p LEFT JOIN topics t ON ( p.topic_id=t.tid ) WHERE p.post_date>1331985907 AND p.queued<>1 AND t.forum_id IN (0,81,178,172,87,85,175,163,166,101,102,153,181,169,105,106,28,182,183) When i remove your hook this error go away so why i'm getting this error when your hook is turn on...
  14. very nice but can't afford it after the exchange this will cost me close to $40
  15. i don't let those bots come to my site,so no i don't have
  16. No problem glad to help,is there any chance it can show MSNbot image as well
  17. I've found the problem if you have your bot with a color it don't work so what i had to do is remove this code <span style='color:#483D8B'> for mine to show up
  18. This not working for me,upload the images and install the hook but still don't see nothing change with the way search engines bots
  19. Is there any fixed as yet for the driver error i'm getting when i click on SFS report in a member profile
  20. [quote name='Gerry 5039' timestamp='1328636284'] Will there be a way for owners of their boards to switch off these addons. If not I cannot upgrade. Of course, these buttons don't show if you've disabled sharing for that forum and you can optionally disable the entire feature from the Admin CP.
  21. I don't like this because i don't want my members sharing private content to twitter or facebook,and just more bottons in your face.
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