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A few suggestions for 3.0

Guest TCWT

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the one feature i would like to see in 3.0 is the following:

The option for the admin, on a per forum basis, to only allow people to see topics that they start in the forum. The admin should also be able to allow specific group(s) to view and reply to all of the topics in the forum, with admins by default being able to see all of the topics made in the forum.

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With 2.1 they were still adding features even during RC releases.

That's not going to happen with 3.0, for all intents and purposes, it is featured locked. That's not to say features won't be enhanced or updated between now and release, but they are going to be small changes to enhance existing features. At this stage in development were not going to be adding any more large features or sweeping changes.
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A setting to allow groups to see anonymous users

I've seen vB forums where they let "VIP" members see invisible users, really, I like it how it is now, admins seeing invisible users is necessary in my mind, mods and staff are ok, and regular or VIP members is just a blatant violation of your members' privacy, I don't see an option as very useful, especially if some admins will just use it to completely destroy what logging in as invisible was meant for, and that's privacy.

Allow certain forums to show/hide member signatures

I don't see much use for this, it's just an option few people will really need/use.

Enable/Disable signature on a PM

Like with posts, the option to show signature on a post or not? Considering that PMs are now "Personal Conversations" I think that may very well be a feature.
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