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Firstly, to "create" PDF's you either need some PHP library (I've seen some that can do it) to do it, or server-level addons (e.g. PHP modules or some other server level application).

Given the license schemes of the various non-server-based PDF generation scripts I've seen, I don't think we'd be able to ship them.

Thus, there isn't a reliable way to add this. You can't just "create" PDFs - you need software that can do it.

Modders looking to do it, you'd need to grab one of the following


Just google it - I think there's some others (I've seen ones that make you do postscript, then convert it to ghostscript or something like that).

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Of course you do... they'd have a hard time accessing the content of your site without a browser ;)

Very true.
I mean if they all don't support it, I don't use it.

I know Mac does this, and I thought Vista did too... If you go to File > Print, there's an option to Save as PDF.

Only if they have a PDF creator is install, if I'm correct. For Windows anyway.
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