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  1. Will IP Suite be something like facebook?
  2. IPB 4.0! When! We need it!

    When was V3 stopped?
  3. hi brandon, just to say hello :)

  4. Auto create auto tags

    It would be good if a script is inbuilt into the forum to read post data and generate tags automatically. It can skip words like - a, and, the, is etc etc,...
  5. Saw your comment and just saying Hi back.

  6. auto sense images links

    is it possible to have this option, to automatically add tags if someone posts a link like http://autosense.bla/image.jpg It will save the pains of clicking on the icons again n again, when many images are being posted.
  7. If its possible to upload files via ftp and make them available for download, something like yahoo photo upload. Just like we upload now single files n then click to upload another, n download counter if there is an ftp option n then these files are visible in post. ...
  8. Polls suggestion

    If during creating a poll question, we have the option to hide the reply while creating the post, such that it remains invisible till the user posts his reply, it could serve lots of purpose' We can then have mcq questions/polls.
  9. Attachment upload Java script alert - when you forget to click upload and hit post new topic, you get a java script alert saying click ok to continue without uploading the pic, if its the other way around that clicking - post new topic will upload the pic also. Like gmail.
  10. Email topic to members

    There are some important and interesting topics that the admin might want to emaill all members about. If there is an option in moderator options like after posting pin it, close it , Email to all Members it would be good. You wont have to compose a bulk mail each time.
  11. It would be good to have this feature of / task to send 1 email / week to all members so that occasionally visiting members dont forget the forum. :cool:
  12. It would be great if there is this new feature in version 3.0 . Under tools and settings > option something like this Enter keywords for your forum , so that spiders can index the forus better. It would also get invision many more happy users :)
  13. MCQ /Polls suggestion

    Is it possible to create 10 polls /mcqs and let user choose the answer and when he clicks ok, he be shoun the correct answer and then taken to the next poll. It can be useful for exam related forums.
  14. I came to bring the stars for you..:)