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  1. Does this mean it's possible for me to hire a developer to make this modification? Or is it impossible to make a modification to the core platform?
  2. Does anybody know if a change like this is possible by hiring a custom developer? Or is something like this locked in and unable to be changed?
  3. I'm trying to create a club in which the user must pay to access the club. In order to hide the content from public view, I need to set the club to "closed club". However, this is a problem because it creates an additional step in the payment process as the user must "request access" first and then wait to be approved by a moderator before making the purchase.... How can I create a "closed club" and the user gains access to the club by paying the membership fee... without the club moderator needing to approve the request to join first? This is the message that appears when a user attempts to join the club: "The cost to join this club is $0.50/month. Once a club moderator approves your request, you'll be able to pay the membership fee after which you will be added to the club."
  4. Let's say my members create 10 paid subscription clubs on my forum website... When a user purchases a paid subscription (to join the club), then later purchases another paid subscription, will they need to re-enter their credit card information a second time? Or, is it stored for them and a simpler checkout process if presented to them? Also, how do they cancel a paid subscription? Can they do it themselves from their account somehow? Thank You.
  5. For self-hosted, to get clubs do I need to purchase the "forums" app? Thanks
  6. Cool. I look forward to reading through the blog. So, it's probably better to seek custom development than to wait and hope the things I want will be implemented...
  7. Will the option in this image ("drag files here to attach, or choose files") still be available to members when posting in forums and clubs if i don't purchase "gallery" and "downloads"?
  8. Ok thanks. How long do thing like this take to become available? Is there a page that says what future updates are being worked on and when they will be complete?
  9. A search bar (or search option) in which the user can type a keyword and clubs with that keyword in their name will be shown in the results.
  10. Yes. A search bar in which you can type a keyword and clubs with that keyword will be shown in the results.
  11. I am primarily interested in having clubs, forums, and pages. If I choose to buy self hosted, do I need to purchase "gallery" and "downloads" in order to have the club features called "files" and "images"? Or are those club features still included if I don't purchase "gallery" and "downloads"? Thanks
  12. wow... so my only option is to purchase self hosted... that's not cheap.
  13. Awesome! Thanks for developing this. Can I access FTP with the monthly IC plan? or is that only possible if I buy self-hosted?
  14. It would be helpful to have "reactions" in private messages. This is a popular Facebook Messenger and text messaging feature that is used all the time. Someone sends a message and often times a simple "like" or heart or smiley face is better than words and creates closer to the conversation.
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