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  1. Hi, this doesn't seem to be working for me in mobile view, is there a fix for this please?
  2. Because i didn't see the support topic and it only half works. Thanks for the link
    Works perfect on desktop but apparently not at all on mobile view. Is there a fix for this please?
  3. I spoke to soon, this doesnt seem to work in mobile view. Can anyone else confirm the same? Looks like the developer hasn't signed in since septmeber 2016 either.
  4. Maybe not a glitch as such, but this is quite annoying and not very intuitive. May be just down to how i have layed out my forums, but interested if anyone has worked a way round this problem. basically when using the create button to create a new topic, it throws up a list of forums and subforums. Selecting a subforum is not a problem as the dropdown menu then disappears leaving the chosen forum as your selection....can't choose a top level forum however without having to click on the arrow to collapse the drop down box, which I think will confuse some people. In the example in the picture I am trying to select tree care forum. Interested in suggestions for this please
  5. Actually after implementing the css code you provided it isn't working as I had hoped. I am trying to mot the sponsored forums from the list as it is stretching the other forums in grid format, as in this image: However with the code implemented it removes the forum form the list but messes up the grid system...the software is acting like its still there and stretching the 2 grids to the left: Is there a way round this within that code? Mods, please move to appropriate section for me.
  6. Thank you. Sorry, I wasn't 100% sure which forum to post this in.
  7. Evening guys. On my old vbulleitn board in the forum settings there was an option to not display a forum, but it could still be visited if the location was known. Does such a setting exist on IPS as I can't find it? Thanks
  8. Hi, I was wondering 2 things, both relating to this page, http://gagadaily.com/forums Firstly how do you set images to show in the forum like that please? Secondly, it looks like the forums are set up on their own without a container/category?? Can anyone explain this please? Thanks
  9. Anyone got a link to a site with this installed on please?
  10. Can you go into more detail? 'easily' means different things to some people
  11. bumping this! Would be useful for my forum also
  12. Where are all the images from the original post please?
  13. I just had PHP EXIF extension installed on my server and pics still seem to be posted sideways.
  14. Thanks. Yes I did realise that, but still wonder why it happened in the first place. I have put the logo back and fixed that portion but theres still the same issue remaining on the test post as seen in the image above.
  15. Hi guys, Been playing around with my new IPS installation, still haven't got the import to work yet..in the meantime I have made a couple of minor theme changes. Mostly the colour but also added a header image using the header image plug in, and added a site logo. Earlier I was playing around with the menus, added a new menu button to an external website. That is literally all I did. Now the header area looks like the attached. I reverted the menu to how it was before, nothings changed. Any idea why this happened please?
  16. Hi. Just looking at your demo. The horizontal slider is quite jerky compared to the vertical one. Is this a setting I could change?
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