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  1. We've spoken privately already but I'll put my two cents in here as well. Morrigan runs RPGInitiative and I met her when she was running and IPS community. I am trying to create some kind of RPG master list for IPS sites, but it's difficult. Yes, you can set a maximum width. You can even change the width between the main page, forum view, post view, IPS is a very flexible and now more intuitive software. Again, I'd speak to Morrigan at RPGI. If you want SSL, CitC and Amazon S3 (recommended if you have a lot of images) then anything from $40-$100 a month. However, I think the CitC price structure might be changing so someone like @Lindy might know more about that. Word counter might be a widget you need to pay to be made or ask if someone will. Post templates are made via the Editor (you can make your own custom plugins - my hubby @Simon Woods does this for our RPG site), but you can also use HTML templates via the source button: Also, this might be useful: And the plugins you want:
  2. (NE) Dice Roller

    This is an amazing plugin! Is this inspired by @Insydius? I saw their original topic and wondered if you'd made this plugin for them! Lol. Am glad it's on the marketplace. A few RPG forum owners have asked me if there is an IPS plugin for this and now I can direct them here! Can I post a review without purchasing? My coadmin buys our add-ons see, and we might get this just for fun lol
  3. Questions on moving to IPB

    @Orioni, I have gotten a datadump from InvisionFree in the past and IPS converted it to the latest version of the software with ease. You would lose the avatars and emotes, yes, but in my experience everything else was very smooth. Out of curiosity... is the type of site you want to convert a play by post site? It seemed that many of the old and still active IF sites were and are.
  4. Just saying...

    I am on community in the cloud and my site keeps getting 504's.
  5. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Hehe, yes, yes they are. ^^ Also, let me see if I missed something but......THIS IS FREE?!!!!!!!!!
  6. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    This is so damned cute!!!
  7. Crowdfunding

    Oh, I thought this was a widget for patreon, my bad! HOWEVER... makes me think I wanna do this instead of Patreon, lol.
  8. Crowdfunding

    It would, how so?
  9. Crowdfunding

    Exactly that! @Simon Woods, does Patreon have API?
  10. Wiki based Dev Docs

    I've made a similar suggestion in the past and with version 4 becoming more familiar as a framework to people it seems like an excellent time to improve this invaluable resource in this way.
  11. Reactions +2 reputation?

    Yes, this is a good idea. Since you can already assign -1, 0 and +1 it seems the framework is in already? So increasing the values should be relatively doable without having to code a whole new framework (knows nothing about coding of course lol). I imagine this was already discussed during Reactions development (maybe this is why this topic was promoted, @Joel R? Someone on the team advocated for this during development and wanted to highlight the popularity?) so one has to wonder why IPS chose not to go with it?
  12. Crowdfunding

    @Adriano Faria, would it be possible to do this with Patreon to?
  13. Classifieds System

    So atm something like digital commissions (like art) cannot be advertised using this application?
  14. Yup, @ehren. does the best themes. Updates, help, bug fixes, it's just so totally awesome. Absolutely worth the price.
  15. JCink to IPS4.x

    Is it possible to convert a JCink database to IPS4.x?