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  1. This is an amazing plugin! Is this inspired by @Insydius? I saw their original topic and wondered if you'd made this plugin for them! Lol. Am glad it's on the marketplace. A few RPG forum owners have asked me if there is an IPS plugin for this and now I can direct them here! Can I post a review without purchasing? My coadmin buys our add-ons see, and we might get this just for fun lol
  2. Hehe, yes, yes they are. ^^ Also, let me see if I missed something but......THIS IS FREE?!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh, I thought this was a widget for patreon, my bad! HOWEVER... makes me think I wanna do this instead of Patreon, lol.
  4. Exactly that! @Simon Woods, does Patreon have API?
  5. @Adriano Faria, would it be possible to do this with Patreon to?
  6. So atm something like digital commissions (like art) cannot be advertised using this application?
  7. Claire Field


    I have said many times that they should hire him, he is fantastic, I love this man! Or perhaps we could give him an... award. -snerk-
  8. I think that there is this option already, at least there is for forum (can't remember right now about pages). If you mean something like scheduled posts like on WordPress or queued posts like on tumblr, I agree this is a needed feature on IPS. Am fairly sure they don't have that.
  9. I believe @Simon Woods is emailing you @-RAW-, but yes, they said in the ticket that the issue was your mod.
  10. I shall certainly be buying this in the next ten days (once I get paid, lol)
  11. @HeadStand, if we bought the 3.x version of this mod do we purchase the IPS4 version at the full price? I am getting it either way, I'm just curious - I love this app so much.
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