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  1. The exact same one I was looking for a solution to! Installed the NE right now.
  2. I'm in the same place as you were. Right now with the Store configuration I keep having people just repurchase a new Store membership rather than use the renewal in the email the system sends them. This creates a new invoice and leaves the old invoice dinging them with expiration notices until they complain and I cancel the old invoice. I'm really interested if you had reminders and expiration grace periods on your original Store products and if they converted properly. Also did all your member expiration dates carry over as well as their purchase history. Before I found your post I posted this question which has more detail - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/461054-link-membership-renewal-invoice-with-new-membership-invoice/?tab=comments#comment-2849391 TIA, Mark
  3. We have a club where a yearly membership is purchased using a Store Product that was configured long ago. The system is configured to send renewal invoice emails a couple of weeks before their membership lapses and we also have a grace period configured before their membership reverts. What some members do when they get the renewal invoice email is they just log in and create a new purchase for another year membership and don't use the renewal link in their email. What then appears to happen is the system does not link this new purchase invoice # with the renewal invoice # so when the original renewal invoice expiration date comes around they get a subscription expiring warning email with the renewal invoice number. After the grace period they then get an expired email for the renewal invoice. At some point they will email the admin to complain that they paid their dues but the system is still reminding them their membership is expiring. The admin then has to go and cancel the renewal invoice. My question is do we have the system configured properly or should our Store Product (yearly membership) really be configured as a Subscription Plan? I see that there is an option to convert the Store Product to a Subscription Plan and if that is what we should do I need to know all the pros and cons before going down that path. I was wanting to get feedback here before opening a ticket in case their is a bug with the system or we are using the wrong options. Mark
  4. Thanks for the confirmation, that seems so easy to implement and would be useful. I guess not many use the bulk email function. I'll look for the suggestions thread to propose it.
  5. on a related issue. How can bulk emails be sent using a selected outgoing email address. We have several email accounts (President, VP, Admin, Membership) and would like the outgoing email address be based on what the subject is - I.E. Membership related bulk email would come back to the membership, President related bulk mail to the president email etc. Right now it all goes out under one email address and has to be sorted through by everyone when people reply to the bulk mailing. The only way I can see to do this right now is to change the outgoing email setting before a bulk mailing is composed which is prone to errors. THanks
  6. Will a version of Elections be made available for Invision version 4.5?

    Currently using with version 4.4. Will a version for 4.5 be coming out soon?
  7. I see where an admin can add a cover photo to any members profile but a regular member cannot add a cover photo to their own profile because the button is hidden. How can I enable this functionality where a member can add a cover photo to their own profile? Running Invision Community v4.4.7
  8. I realize this is old but I've tried this in 4.4.7 on my site and the Download ics file causes an error in Google calendar when I try to import it and the Subscribe pick asks for an application to open it. I sent the Subscribe link to Firefox and copied the web link there and tried to use it in Google calendar to subscribe to it. I get no error or data in this case. I've also opened a ticket for this but was hoping for some insight in the meantime.
  9. Also a variation would be to jump down to show events from the current day forward instead of landing at the top of the list.
  10. I've still been unable to find a solution, perhaps this is a more complicated matter than I anticipated. Is it possible to do this with IPB?
  11. I have a custom profile field for members' real name called " Real Name". This field is easily displayed on a topic underneath the member's username, however I can't seem to find any information on how to display custom fields elsewhere on the site. I would like to display the field in the members list next to the members' groupName, however nothing I've tried does the trick. This is the code that pulls the custom fields under the user's name in the (forum -> front -> topics -> postContainer) template file. {template="customFieldsDisplay" group="global" app="core" params="$comment->author()"}I want to display my custom field in the (core -> search -> member) template file. <li class="ipsDataItem ipsClearfix"> <div class='ipsDataItem_icon ipsType_center'> {template="userPhoto" group="global" params="$member, 'mini'"} </div> <div class='ipsDataItem_main'> <h4 class='ipsDataItem_title ipsType_break ipsType_sectionHead'> {$member->link()|raw}</a> </h4> <p class='ipsType_normal'> {lang="joined"} {datetime="$member->joined"} &middot; {$member->groupName|raw} &middot; Real Name: CUSTOM FIELD HERE </p> </div> </li> I didn't imagine pulling a custom field would be such a complicated endeavor, alas I have been unable to find anything whilst searching the last couple hours. If anyone has any info on how I can get this done I would greatly appreciate your advice!
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