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  1. No special intention, I just saw that and wanted to let you know, because I saw that you don't follow this topic ?
  2. @Nathan Explosion This community has done that ... and it is so much better CTR and active view. ? (this is desktop view, but it is more significant when using a smartphone)
  3. By the way, I am really excited ?It ist very cool ... the optimal Adsense location
  4. In Germany it is Art. 5 and Art. 6 DSGVO IP addresses are personal characteristics (courts judge so) and so you need a consent from members. The better way is not so save any IP adresses,
  5. Hi, the european directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) is starting on 25.05.2018. So it is a big problem, if IP adresses are saved in database. We need an option, that IP adresses in database are deleted after 7 days oder that IP adresses are not saved at all. Thanks in advance! Mark
  6. No, you have to add the code after the line: After: $data = array( 'url' => $node->url() ); if (get_class($node) === 'IPS\forums\Forum' && isset($node->last_post)) { $data['lastmod'] = $node->last_post; }
  7. But what about these links? topic/*?do=findComment* topic/*tab=comments* *?page=1$ *?page=0$ *?view=getnextunread* *?do=getNewComment *?do=getLastComment *?do=reportComment* In robots.txt I set now the disallow directive. Does it make sense? And should not IPS set a redirect to ?page=1 and ?page=0 to the topic ending with / ... ? Because Google tells me, that there are 3 different URL's with the same content (duplicate content).
  8. That's strange. If guests can not see profiles, then they are not included in the sitemap - at least not for me.
  9. By the way ... Google says: Indexed and not in sitemap transmitted
  10. There should be an redirect ... Right now a robots.txt like this does make sense: Disallow: /.../topic/*?do=findComment&comment=* Disallow: /.../profile/ Disallow: /.../topic/*tab=comments* Disallow: /.../*?page=1$ Disallow: /.../*?page=0$
  11. There are a few problems in indexing pages: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442742-large-community-you-have-a-problems-with-sitemap/?page=0 is the same as https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442742-large-community-you-have-a-problems-with-sitemap/?page=1 and the same as https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442742-large-community-you-have-a-problems-with-sitemap/
  12. I really would have a solution to show ad in the first post but after first paragraph. Because this is the optimal position....
  13. The solution in Wordpress is like this: It would be great to have it also for IPS function insert_ad_block( $text ) { if ( is_single() ) : $ads_text = 'ERASE-THIS-PART-AND-PASTE-IN-YOUR-ADSENSE-CODE-HERE'; $split_by = "\n"; $insert_after = 1; //number of paragraphs // make array of paragraphs $paragraphs = explode( $split_by, $text); // if array elements are less than $insert_after set the insert point at the end $len = count( $paragraphs ); if ( $len < $insert_after ) $insert_after = $len; // insert $ads_text into the array at the specified point array_splice( $paragraphs, $insert_after, 0, $ads_text ); // loop through array and build string for output foreach( $paragraphs as $paragraph ) { $new_text .= $paragraph; } return $new_text; endif; return $text; } add_filter('the_content', 'insert_ad_block');
  14. Hi, I would like to place Adsense in the first post and after first paragraph of the post. Right now I use this code in post template: {{if $_REQUEST['ad_inside_first_post'] = !isset($_REQUEST['ad_inside_first_post']) ? 1 : 0}} {advertisement="....."} {{endif}} Is there a way to show advertisement after first paragraph in the first post? Many thanks in advance!
  15. mark007


    Everybody loves quizzes. It is not important to store the score for guests. Quizzes are a magnificent way to engage people. A way to get in touch and a way to exist in opposite to social media platform, especially Facebook. Quizzes for guests a the best thing you can realize.
  16. mark007


    It would be fantastic to allow guests, to play the quiz. Because I daily have 20.000 guests and maybe 200 members ... so it is a must I think
  17. No ... an no. That's the problem in every post (Date of post with direct link): (for example here) https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442742-large-community-you-have-a-problems-with-sitemap/?do=findComment&comment=2728237
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