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    pequeno reacted to Mr 13 in Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon   
    My wishes for 4.3:
    oAuth support with ability to add providers via ACP.         Ability to add oEmbed providers via ACP.
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    pequeno reacted to Charles in Invision Community 4.2   
    You can choose +1, -1, or neutral (no change) for reactions. More info:
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    pequeno reacted to ABGenc in Invision Community 4.2   
    And from now on invisionpower.com is running on 4.2  Great job
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    pequeno reacted to WOFman in IPS Community Suite 4.2 Coming Soon   
    Yeah, Xenforo 2 is why I am back with IPS. It is not going to be as bad as vB5, but it is not very good.
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    pequeno reacted to Adriano Faria in New: Letter Profile Photos   
    So why not simply add this a setting?
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