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  1. gavpedz

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Is anyone having issues with ads not auto renewing? In the last month even though invoices have been paid the ads linked to those are not auto renewed and are left disabled meaning I have to go and manually adjust the end date where as before this would be done automatically on invoice payment.
  2. Ah yes i can see if i set the rules up stagared as you said that might work. That gets me to thinking that the multiple rule email issue is really only an issue for those users that are currenlty on the forum and have not been active for years. Once we have cleaned out the inactive users then new users will go through the rule flow just fine because they wont be triggering all the rules at once? Just as a side note, the unsubscribe from email link is not added to emails like the bulk emailer does. This is needed for GDPR
  3. Because members that are inactive for 60 days or more get both emails and tell us to stop spamming them and then tell us to delete their account if thats the kind of frum we are. So it kind of has the oposit effect. I want to give them a nudge and hopefuly in a proactive way bring them back rather than annoy them and they want to leave anyway. Think i will just have to do it manualy via the bulk email feature in IPS
  4. Hmm ok so this probably isnt really going to do what i wanted then. I kind of wanted to use this as an ongoing way to bring members back in. So send regular emails to inactive members every so many weeks or months to remind them about us and hopefuly encourage them to come back in. So really this will only be able to have one rule and send one email per user. Thats great but if that users is still inactive after 30 days i wanted to remind them again and possibly again after that. At which point it would be clear they definitaly would not be coming back and could then delete their account possibly.
  5. Yeah something like that might help. So If you can only really have one email rule then would my 30 day rule run every 30 days a member is inactive? For example member SAM is 30 days inactive. They get the email and do nothing, so when they hit 60 days inactive will the rule trigger again or will they infact get an email every day or even every 6 hours (as thats when the task runs) as they are over the 30 days already? Its just not clear how the rules work.
  6. What i have had to do now is uninstall the application and start over. I now have just one rule which is set to inactive for 30 days. I have attached the settings of that rule. I have now run the task again and it seems to be running ok. 🤞 I also want to set rules for different inactivity periods but it seems when i do users get emails from all rules. For example i also want a rule to send members that have been inactive for 3 years an email saying they might loose their account etc. The problem is that users will also get the 30 day inactivity email and it just leads to confusion and frustration for the users which is not what i am trying to acheive here. In an ideal world i would like to have an email sent to users who have been inactive for 7 days just as a little rimder that we havnt seen them for a week then a 30 day email to try and bring them back in then a 90 day email then a final email for the 3 year inactivity and possible account removal. But if i have members that have been inactive for 3 years they then trigger all these rules and get all these emails at once and it doesnt make sense. It seems to me you can only really have one email rule as longtime inactive users will trigger all rules and get all emails. If this is the case then please clarify this for me. If you can have only one email rule then would my 30 day rule run every 30 days a member is inactive? For example member SAM is 30 days inactive. They get the email and do nothing, so when they hit 60 days inactive will the rule trigger again or will they infact get an email every day as they are over the 30 days? Its just not clear how the rules work.
  7. Ok so i have had to revert to just one email rule now. The next issue is that the background process is tacking for ever to send emails to about 5000 members. I manualy run the process and it has been running now for about 4 hours with the percent in the acp dashboard just going up, currently at 11946023.75% Is there any support for this application?
  8. I have several rules to send out email. inactive days 7,60,90,180,360,720 What i am seeing in the logs is that members that have been inactive as far back as 2014 or logged as inactive for 7 days so are they going to get all the emails from each rule. In my mind that user should get the 720 days email rather that the 7 days. My 7 day email says we missed you this week so its not really going to make sense to those that have been inactive for a long time. Just to update users have reported getting 6 emails now which suggests because they have been inactive for a long time they trigger all the rules and get all the emails. So it's seems my option is to only have one rule. Kind of defeats being able to have multiple rules.
  9. gavpedz

    Mark as Sold

    I can see the buttons but users can not I have set that all users can use it in the plugin settings.
  10. gavpedz

    Mark as Sold

    4.3 support?
  11. gavpedz

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Brilliant thank you!
  12. gavpedz

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    So basically at the moment, it is just a simple Adsense ad which shows in the sidebar globally. I have the sidebar turned on globally. I am using your conditional above to ensure it doesn't show on error pages and in private forums which works great but I don't want it to show on the forum index as it's too long. So in addition to the conditionals above i also want to stop it showing on the index page.
  13. gavpedz

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    I have one particular ad that I need to adjust this code for slightly. It's an ad that shows in the sidebar. Is there a way to adjust the above code to stop showing this particular ad on the index page but will show in the sidebar on other pages?
  14. gavpedz

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Ah yes fantastic that works like a charm!
  15. gavpedz

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    This is what i have. I tried clearing the cache as well just in case but no change. This is for an Adsense ad that is using a customer header position just under the built in header position {{if \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'forums'}} {{$forumId = \IPS\Request::i()->id;}} {{elseif \IPS\Request::i()->app == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->module == 'forums' and \IPS\Request::i()->controller == 'topic'}} {{try { $topic = \IPS\forums\Topic::loadAndCheckPerms( \IPS\Request::i()->id ); $forumId = $topic->forum_id; } catch( \Exception $e ) {};}} {{endif}} {{if !(isset($forumId) and in_array($forumId, array(5,2,21)))}} 1 {{endif}} {{if 1==1 and !isset(\IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_error_page'])}}1{{endif}}