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  1. I updated to 4.5 now all my plugins have custom next to them. All are updated to support 4.5 so what is the custom for?
  2. is there anyway at least to make it so a prefix selection is required?
  3. Hi all i can't seem to figure this out. Is there no way to set a specific forum to require a prefix to be chosen? I just want one forum to have the option of two prefixes "Selling" or "Buying" it seems a user first has to select a tag then set that as a prefix is there no way to turn off tags but just select a prefix?
  4. Is there a way to style the pinned topiics a little to make them stand out a bit more?
  5. Sorry, don't know what happened to my last post! Autocorrect i guess. Yes, I do click finish from the block manager as soon as you refresh the page the widgets come back. I've cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin nothing seems to work.
  6. Clicked on the left triangle thing then clicked the x icon on the widget to remve it. It finish then refrech the page andf its back
  7. Is this plugin abandoned then i am guessing. So i am stuck with these widgets i can not get rid off.
  8. Has anyone had the issue where you have had a txt widget on the main index page for a while and then decided to removed it to find it wont remove? We have one that we decided to remove and it seems to until your refresh the page and its back! We have tried clearing the cache as well. Nothing seems to get rid of this txt widget.
  9. I have edited my theme and added some login/signup buttons i want to only show those to guests, how do i do that please?
  10. Just wondering if there was some way to filter/find unanswered topics?
  11. I have created a custom menu using the external link option but using internal links. The problem i have is that these items are not hightlighted as active when on those pages so how to make them show as active?
  12. Just wondering if there an easy way to add icons to the nav menu items for desktop and mobile?
  13. Thanks I think this is what I will do. Just want to do a bit of spring cleaning really get rid of old plugins folder and field and database tables.
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