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  1. Sorry, don't know what happened to my last post! Autocorrect i guess. Yes, I do click finish from the block manager as soon as you refresh the page the widgets come back. I've cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin nothing seems to work.
  2. Clicked on the left triangle thing then clicked the x icon on the widget to remve it. It finish then refrech the page andf its back
  3. Is this plugin abandoned then i am guessing. So i am stuck with these widgets i can not get rid off.
  4. Has anyone had the issue where you have had a txt widget on the main index page for a while and then decided to removed it to find it wont remove? We have one that we decided to remove and it seems to until your refresh the page and its back! We have tried clearing the cache as well. Nothing seems to get rid of this txt widget.
  5. Can someone tell me if the url structure changed between IPS 3.x and 4.x?
  6. I really like fluid view but i think there could be some improvements on the navigation side of things. Would it be possible to change the check and uncheck feature to just click like a menu? Menay of our members keep forgetting to uncheck and we get several emails saying they can not see all posts because they forgot or did not realise they had to uncheck the box to see all topics again. In addition to this it would be good if when they clicked a certain forum the TOPICS titel at the top would reflect the forum topics they are viewing if that makes sense.
  7. Just wondering is there any way to make ads that show in topics show in a post container or wrapper if that makes sense. At the moment i have ads showing after x number of posts which is where i want it to show but is there a way style it like the post wrapper? Figured it out! after playing around with chrome inspect i managed to come up with this which displays the ad in a post wrapper. Is this allowed with google adsense? <center> <article class="cPost ipsBox ipsComment ipsComment_parent ipsClearfix ipsClear ipsColumns ipsColumns_noSpacing ipsColumns_collapse
  8. Brilliant thanks! Was searching for recent topics but couldn't find anything, should have searched activity stream!
  9. Its the activity streams recent topics. In my case it's domain.com/discover/6/
  10. On the recent topics page is there a way to display ads after every 5 posts?
  11. Any scope in adding min post content as well? I have so many users who just post one word replies. I would like to enforce a min character count for posts as well.
  12. Is anyone having issues with ads not auto renewing? In the last month even though invoices have been paid the ads linked to those are not auto renewed and are left disabled meaning I have to go and manually adjust the end date where as before this would be done automatically on invoice payment.
  13. Ah yes i can see if i set the rules up stagared as you said that might work. That gets me to thinking that the multiple rule email issue is really only an issue for those users that are currenlty on the forum and have not been active for years. Once we have cleaned out the inactive users then new users will go through the rule flow just fine because they wont be triggering all the rules at once? Just as a side note, the unsubscribe from email link is not added to emails like the bulk emailer does. This is needed for GDPR
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