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  1. Ok great thanks thats what i needed to know really so in short i would need to setup any subscriptions from scratch if i were to move.
  2. Thanks i guess i was confussed as i am sure we used to be able to submit support tickets? I wasnt asking if the other suplyer could integrate or help i just wanted to know what happens to the subscriptions via stripe. Another way to put it. If i stopped using IPS now and deleted the site would stripe keep charging the recurring payments setup by IPS or does stripe require IPS to trigger the payment meaning no payments would continue.
  3. Ok so i have a licence and active forum but it seems i can not longer contact support! It justs says my plan doesnt support! So i am paying for the software but cant get direct support hmm helpful! Ok anyway so thinking of moving software and currently have several subscriptions setup as well as advertisign products which all are recuring and run through stripe my questions is what happens to these if i move software will stripe kepp charging these or does stripe rely on IPS to trigger it?
  4. Our forum quite often answers the same questions that have been asked many times over. I was wondering if there was a built in what where regular members can easliy find old posts to reference in a reply rather that having to write the same thing over and over. Is there some way mmbers can save/bookmark or similar poosts for future reference? I know we have the our picks section that we could potentialy utilise but there doesnt seem to be an easy was to search this Our Pick section. Any ideas?
  5. Great thanks. Oddly when i searched this didnt come up.
  6. I have just updated to the latest version and have this notice. It doesnt really indicate if i have to change them and if i need to change all or just some tables any ideas? Server Requirements Your server does not meet our recommendations. This may prevent you from upgrading to future versions of Invision Community. You have one or more InnoDB tables that are using the `Compact` row format. This may limit the amount of data that can be stored within the table. We recommend changing it to 'Dynamic'. If you are not sure how to do this, you should contact your hosting provider or system administrator for assistance. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator and ask them to resolve these issues.
  7. I updated to 4.5 now all my plugins have custom next to them. All are updated to support 4.5 so what is the custom for?
  8. is there anyway at least to make it so a prefix selection is required?
  9. Hi all i can't seem to figure this out. Is there no way to set a specific forum to require a prefix to be chosen? I just want one forum to have the option of two prefixes "Selling" or "Buying" it seems a user first has to select a tag then set that as a prefix is there no way to turn off tags but just select a prefix?
  10. Is there a way to style the pinned topiics a little to make them stand out a bit more?
  11. Sorry, don't know what happened to my last post! Autocorrect i guess. Yes, I do click finish from the block manager as soon as you refresh the page the widgets come back. I've cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin nothing seems to work.
  12. Clicked on the left triangle thing then clicked the x icon on the widget to remve it. It finish then refrech the page andf its back
  13. Is this plugin abandoned then i am guessing. So i am stuck with these widgets i can not get rid off.
  14. Has anyone had the issue where you have had a txt widget on the main index page for a while and then decided to removed it to find it wont remove? We have one that we decided to remove and it seems to until your refresh the page and its back! We have tried clearing the cache as well. Nothing seems to get rid of this txt widget.
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