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  1. Sorry, It was an IPS problem. I've updated to the latest patch, and now the button appears.
  2. Hello @TAMAN, I installed Chatbox+ form marketplace. Chatbox add a button at the bottom-right of the page where people can open the chat. The button is not displayed in Magnun Theme. With IPS default theme it works. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I show Pages records in the slider, but the slider does not truncate content.
  4. @TAMAN Will Swiper Slider be updated to 4.5?
  5. zelgadis

    Radical Tags

    Hi Makoto, I've many tags with spaces. When I click a TAG in Tag Cloud the space is showed as %2520 instead of %20, and IPS finds no results. In tag Cloud the link is correct. But when I click it, the browser shows: It seems that the %20 is URLencoded again, wich transfors the %20 to %2520 (the % character is encoded as %25).
  6. I confirm this. Here is original IPS Theme: And this is Magnum Theme 4.2.7 fresh install:
  7. zelgadis

    Radical Tags

    @Makoto I upgaded to 1.5.1. I've many prefixes/tags with spaces: everything works, but in IP.Downloads when I try to set a prefix (or a tag) for auto-generated topics, all the spaces in my tags are replaced with the sign +.
  8. I have disabled the product "Advanced Tags & Prefixes" and the multiquote button reappeared. Then, I have reactivated the product and the button is still there... so the problem is solved...
  9. Posts are missing the multiquote button:
  10. The 'Recent Profile Visitors' box in User's Profile, is messed up in mobile view:
  11. If I go in Database -> Edit -> Display Template Group and change your template with the IPS Default, the reactions in the comments appears. So, I think, it's not an user group settings problem. Now, I've made a fresh install of Magnum Theme 4.1.4. In Pages -> Templates I've removed all templates that starts with S1 and I've reinstalled the templates. The problem is still there.
  12. You see the reactions in the Article (the record). All comments to the record are without reactions.
  13. Link to check: https://www.dragonslair.it/index.html/reviews/recensione-di-stranger-things-stagione-2-r698/ Yes, I updated all the Pages templates.
  14. Hi TAMAN, I use Magnum Theme and in my Pages I use one of your templates as Pages Display template. As you can see in the attachment, when I use one of your templates as Display Template, (example "S1 One Column"), in the records comments, the reactions are missing.
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