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  1. [data-role="registerForm"] .ipsColumns>strong{ display: table-cell; position: relative; vertical-align: top; padding: 0 7px; width: 280px; } Is the content of custom.css There is no changes in colors. How is possible ?
  2. Theme installed @TAMAN but I have a problem in the header: the search box it is above all!
  3. Here, is correct? https://invisioncommunity.com/clients/purchases/58257-behemoth-theme/
  4. @TAMAN, when I try to delete some thread from forum I have this blank message-box! Can you help me?
  5. @TAMAN, can I change the measures of preview in the Download app from 125x125 to 125x190? Also in the Download home page. I would prefer to display rectangles, not squares.
  6. @TAMAN a little help. The notification text is so dark! How I can change it?
  7. Sorry @TAMAN... Page Management > Templates? My CSS list is empty... Edit: I Found it!
  8. Great! Thanks a LOT! ehm.. where I have to add this code? Two questions (thank you for yout availability) 1.The IPS 4.2.7 is available. The theme is Okay with this version? 2. How I can change the backgrpund color of emoticon panel?
  9. 1920x1080 Can you see this page: http://heroquestforum.it/index.php?/register/ ? If yes, please, can you send me a screenshot?
  10. No problems with default theme. I use Chrome 64bit, latest version on Win10.
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