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Entry Comments posted by Eudemon

  1. 3 minutes ago, Jordan Invision said:

    I do think this could be useful yes 😅

    At the moment we are trying to find the line between people getting crazy competitive and also illustrating what badges earn what. 😸

    if there is none i will make one,

    instead of making thread and editing them everytime changes, just have one page you can see everything is more cost effective

  2. That's not allowed, as an active license should only be accessible trough one domain. In your case it's accessible from two.


    I could be wrong, though.

    But that's kinda messed up though, I know there exist people with one license use the software on multiple domains

    me on the other hand, respect IPB's policy and going to purchase an additional license to use on another domain, even though i have the software already

    then I have to pay twice as much just to get an upgrade... really?

  3. Sounds great.
    But as for the sample "一、二、三" I am afraid it's Chinese.

    It's kanji, they use Chinese characters in Japanese
    In this case, both Chinese and Japanese mean the same but pronounce differently
    Chinese: yi, er, san
    Japanese: ichi, ni, san <- although in alphabet writing the word three is the same but in Japanese the sound sa and n is separate so it gives an n sound and last longer

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  4. There are no plans for us to distribute anything other than English, but the Marketplace is a great place to find other language packs.

    Pretty much the only thing I can say in Japanese is "kagi wa teberu no ue ni arimasu" :tongue:

    I will write a Japanese translation at some point in the future if it still doesn't exist

    but it's not likely to be any near future


  5. was thinking about the same thing recently, nice!
    a credit system (or even nexus in store purchase points) to add on top of this would be nice, for example:
    when someone's answer is selected as best answer, he will be granted x amount of points that he can use to spend on vip membership etc
    i think this will encourage members to answer other ppl's question
    (note: if you gonna adopt a system like this, plz also add limit on how many thread they can open in a certain board in x amount period of time, just to prevent over-flood)

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