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  1. Understood. It's for a company, no real budget but whatever would be fair - looking to get a quote. Basically implement API to Zapier like they have for cloud services and enterprise editions. Money isn't a problem this is for a serious business but we are self hosted and the Zapier is not enabled for self-hosting. I was going to take it to UpWorks but wanted to start here.
  2. I need a plugin for Invision Power Board - Self Hosted - that I can use to connect to Zapier. If anyone wishes to develop this plugin I am paying for this. I believe a service that everyone else provides connection for free should be available to everyone, not just cloud hosted or enterprise. Thanks!
  3. Darn, thanks for chiming in. My community is asking for permissions for member group time limits per forums instead of global per user group.
  4. Does this still work for latest versions?
  5. Hi Pete! Thanks for replying. I should have been a little bit more clear :). I am looking to add conditional profile fields. Example: "Do you like this?" "Yes or No radio buttons" "Yes I do like it" -> Show More Fields OR "No I don't like it" -> Fields Do Not Show Hope that helps! Thank you!
  6. Hi y'all, Hope this is the correct place to ask this question. I just purchased a license to ipb and we're excited to be moving from bbPress to IPB. We're used to using conditional fields from our old forum software and I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that adds conditional custom profile fields? I did a search but had 0 relevant results. Thanks!
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