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  1. The IPS ignore feature works really good as long as no one replies to the people you are ignoring.
  2. Pity. Please consider the option for a future release. It's a nice plugin.
  3. Is it possible to just have the flags show up in the forum postbit and on a member's profile? I want to exclude articles.
  4. Ford and GM stopping production until the end of the month is going to directly impact my employer and my city's largest employer. Some of my coworkers are worried about being laid off due to the automakers stopping production. My employer's largest customer has their untrained security guards taking the temperature of everyone who enters their property and the same time they are doing things that would only help spread the virus. Everything else going on in my workplace that concerns the virus seems pretty surreal as well.
  5. Hopefully YouTube will do its part to remove the asinine videos that purposely spread misinformation about the virus.
  6. You are wrong. There were 8,098 reported cases of SARs (worldwide) and 774 deaths. So far there have been 190,000 cases of the Coronavirus and 7,894 deaths. Ebola killed 11,310 people over the span of two years, the Coronavirus will surpass that number very soon.
  7. We have stores that are normally open 24 hours a day closing at night so they can restock and clean. I haven't heard of any staying closed yet. My county finally closed our schools due to the virus.
  8. One of my humble little forums: https://mammothtalk.com
  9. I read that this virus could potentially kill 2.8 million people if drastic measures aren't taken to prevent people from catching it. Are you good with almost 3 million people dying so you can watch your sporting events?
  10. You're probably not going to get it from your hamburger meat but it was reported that virus can live on some surfaces for up to 3 days.
  11. I wanted to discuss the Coronavirus so I started this topic, you are not obligated to read it.
  12. A grocery store not too far from where I live.
  13. Here in the state of New York all of the Universities have closed, but not the schools where the students are too young to know they shouldn't wipe their noses on their shirt sleeves. Our governor (Andrew Cuomo) has left non University school closings up to individual school districts to decide. This makes me pretty angry because it's being done for reasons or governor finds more important than the health of the people who live in this state. My wife works in a school that has a lot of students and my stepson is still in high school, I would feel much better if they weren't being forced to attend these locations were the virus could spread easily.
  14. The death rates are not similar, the Coronavirus is 10 times more lethal than the common flu.
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