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  1. Please forgive me if this has already been asked, I looked through all 10 pages here and did not see a similar question. Would it be possible to have the images in the blocks be clickable and linked to their original content in the future? Just as they are with the Super Grid.
  2. Can someone please give me some guidance in changing all instances of "competition" and "competitions" to "challenge" and "challenges"? If I go to my ACP> Languages I do not see any options to change anything.
  3. Is it possible to edit the widget title? This does not look very good "THREADSTARTER: MOVIES: RECENTLY CREATED". I'm not very familiar with IPS 4.4 and would not know how to edit the title if it's possible.
  4. ​ ​That fixed it. Thank you @Insydius and @IN10TION .
  5. ​Then no one else but a blog author being able to see a blog post is its own bug?
  6. Thank you @IN10TION at least now I know I wasn't missing a setting somewhere.
  7. The blog has an entry in it but still isn't visible to guests. I featured the blog post and then it becomes visible only as a featured blog post but that's it. It is beyond frustrating... If a setting exists to keep it hidden and I'm overlooking it, then guests shouldn't be able to see a post when it is featured. I will report it as a bug.
  8. ​Thank you for replying, Angel101. I have already done what you mentioned and guests are still not able to see any blog posts. Edit: Blog posts are not visible while logged in on another account. I don't remember making the post private and can't see any option to make it public.
  9. Where is the option to show blogs to guests? I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find it. Guests can access the module under System > Applications. I do not see any options in the member group or under the Community > Blog settings.
  10. ​Is it a bug or is there a setting somewhere that needs to be turned on or off?
  11. I'm getting a strange set of random numbers near the Pages article navigation (see attachment) and they change each time I refresh my browser. Why are they there and is there a way to hide them?
  12. ​Thank you, @Meddysong, that worked.
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