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  1. What do you have selected here?
  2. I think the latest update(s) undid the forum selections. In your ACP make sure you have the specific forum you want Threadstarter to appear in checked.
  3. Pity. Please consider the option for a future release. It's a nice plugin.
  4. Is it possible to just have the flags show up in the forum postbit and on a member's profile? I want to exclude articles.
  5. Could the option to add an album URL directly from The Audio Database be added in the future? This is a great app, BTW.
  6. I'm just using the default IPS theme. The CSS to achieve having the background would be appreciated greatly.
  7. How can I add a background that encompasses the advanced footer and the copyright on my site just like the footer background does here on the IPS website?
  8. Thank you for replying. To me it was direct question. Your plugins are great, thank you for creating them.
  9. @opentype after spending $102 on your plugins I would like to think that my question is not being ignored. It seemed like a simple enough question to me.
  10. Please forgive me if this has already been asked, I looked through all 10 pages here and did not see a similar question. Would it be possible to have the images in the blocks be clickable and linked to their original content in the future? Just as they are with the Super Grid.
  11. Can someone please give me some guidance in changing all instances of "competition" and "competitions" to "challenge" and "challenges"? If I go to my ACP> Languages I do not see any options to change anything.
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