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  1. I miss having a regular work schedule. I also miss being able to go to the grocery store to buy something that should normally be there.
  2. "Chinese state media suggests" tells me everything I need to know.
  3. Better call Saul Narcos Mexico Shameless Waiting to see if another episode of The Grand Tour is ever released.
  4. What do you have selected here?
  5. I think the latest update(s) undid the forum selections. In your ACP make sure you have the specific forum you want Threadstarter to appear in checked.
  6. From the World Health Organization Why take chances?
  7. If the virus can live on different surfaces for x amount of time you should be staying home as much as possible. It’s irresponsible to say you’re safe going out as long as you keep 6 feet between you and other people.
  8. I have an “essential” job so I’m out and about watching all the people who should be at home carrying on like nothing is happening. You wouldn’t know there is any kind of quarantine going with the number of people out driving around where I live, which is New York State (75,000 cases).
  9. The IPS ignore feature works really good as long as no one replies to the people you are ignoring.
  10. Pity. Please consider the option for a future release. It's a nice plugin.
  11. Is it possible to just have the flags show up in the forum postbit and on a member's profile? I want to exclude articles.
  12. Ford and GM stopping production until the end of the month is going to directly impact my employer and my city's largest employer. Some of my coworkers are worried about being laid off due to the automakers stopping production. My employer's largest customer has their untrained security guards taking the temperature of everyone who enters their property and the same time they are doing things that would only help spread the virus. Everything else going on in my workplace that concerns the virus seems pretty surreal as well.
  13. Hopefully YouTube will do its part to remove the asinine videos that purposely spread misinformation about the virus.
  14. You are wrong. There were 8,098 reported cases of SARs (worldwide) and 774 deaths. So far there have been 190,000 cases of the Coronavirus and 7,894 deaths. Ebola killed 11,310 people over the span of two years, the Coronavirus will surpass that number very soon.
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