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  1. You need to set permissions in the scheduler settings too otherwise new competitions will be added with blank permissions.
  2. I’m not aware of an existing 3rd party French translation but the app can be translated the same as official apps. Admin control panel > customisation > languages
  3. These aren't currently features but are great suggestions I've added to my list for consideration for 1.4 Entries already appear in activity streams the same as all content items, topics, gallery images etc. Votes are an additional activity stream setting configured in the admin control panel default activity stream settings. It's a little tucked away in there behind a button.
  4. Ever since Invision Community 4.x was launched you have been asking for the ability to categorize blogs in your community. We heard you loud and clear, but sometimes when a feature sounds straightforward, it requires some re-engineering of the framework. Because users in your community can create both blog entries and their own blogs to hold these entries, this was one of those areas. Starting with Invision Community 4.5 I’m pleased to announce that it is now possible for blog authors to categorize their blog entries and it's now possible for administrators to categorize blogs. Blog Entry Categories When creating a new blog entry, your members will now be able to create a new category for the entry or choose an existing one that had been created previously. Choosing your category when creating a new blog entry When a reader then visits the blog they can choose to display only those categories that interest them. Filtering by category Blog Categories Running a community where users can create their own blogs, you don’t only need to make sure individual pieces of content are categorized correctly, you also need to make sure the blogs themselves have a logical place. Well guess what? Now you can! As an admin you can now set up predefined categories in the control panel and Blog authors can then choose which one to create their new blog in. Managing blog categories We realize some of you have been waiting a long time to see these changes so we hope you enjoy this and everything else to come in Invision Community 4.5!
  5. Phrases are translated the same as the default apps. admin control panel > customization > languages > translate (globe icon). Use the search function to find specific phrases. Alternatively you can enable quick translating and edit on the front end. https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/languages-and-localization_326/translating-using-the-visual-language-editor-r119/
  6. Invision Community has supported member referrals via the Commerce app since Commerce was called Nexus all those years ago. Community owners have been able to see at a glance who is spreading the word and members have received the kudos associated with a growing referral count in return. When planning Invision Community 4.5 we saw that this feature had the potential to be so much more… So what have we done to improve it? See Who Was Referred In addition to seeing a count of referrals, it’s now possible for both admins and members to see who they referred. If Commerce is enabled admins can also see how much commission (if any) was earned. The new referral settings page shows links, code snippets and who you've referred Member Promotion Seeing a rising count of who has been referred gives members a great feeling of community involvement but wouldn’t it be great if you could reward your members in other ways too? Referral counts now work as a member filter when using the group promotion feature. You can now automatically promote members that have referred more than a specific number of members to another user group and give them access to exclusive content. This still works alongside paid subscriptions so be another method for members not willing or able to pay for subscriptions to get access. Integration With Sharing If the feature is enabled, any time a link is shared via the built-in share links, referrals will be tracked. This occurs automatically without the member needing to think about it. It’s now easier than ever to see who your superfans are and who is bringing new people to the community. Blocks As well as the default share links we have added a new sidebar block that can be added anywhere across your community. This prominent call to action can be added on pages you think are most likely to result in recommendations. The new "Invite a friend" widget Given that referral capabilities have been expanded into many more areas outside of Commerce we decided that this should now be available as a core feature. Earning commission on sales as a result of referrals will still, of course, require Commerce to be installed. We hope that these are welcome improvements and they help you encourage more members to participate in your community.
  7. It's not currently possible but I've added this to the things to explore list for the next version.
  8. YEs, the sidebar manager works as elsewhere. Voting is automatically stopped at the end of the competition. The competition can run for any period you like it doesn't need to be monthly. There is an automatic weekly and monthly scheduler though. Voting starts either at the competition open time or if you want to add a delay to allow time for everybody to get their entries in you can do that too.
  9. Yes, this is possible. EXIF info is currently saved for each entry but is not displayed in any meaningful way in this version. I have added this to the todo list to add for a future version.
  10. @OliverKapunkt Is correct on both counts. Great idea on video support/support for other file types. I'll see what I can do.
  11. Good idea. I’ll add this to the suggestions list for future versions. For the next release I will be focussing on voting fraud prevention but this is a nice easily implemented suggestion that could be added after that.
  12. It is not currently possible to limit by category. All items within the selected database will be added to the news sitemap but this is a great suggestion. Thanks.
  13. You can only specify a single news sitemap (one database). The sitemap will be at /newssitemap and needs submitting to Google via search console.
  14. Support topic for the News Sitemap application.
  15. There is currently no concept of a time period where people can enter but not vote. When a competition opens anyone can enter at any point up until the close date. I am currently working on 1.3 which should allow more flexibility here. Anonymising entries is not currently a feature.
  16. Sorry, I missed this. 1. This isn't currently a feature unfortunately. 2. You can edit the "Photo Competition" text to something else but it isn't possible to set this individually. I have added this to the todo list for 1.3 however at it is a logical feature suggestion. 3. You can currently set the number of entries all users can make in the global settings. A per group setting is a good suggestion however.
  17. That looks like a bug, it's an old permission that is no longer required. I'll look into why it's still displaying. Thanks for letting me know.
  18. Do you have any errors in the logs? It looks like the task ran twice. If you check the competition history database table you will have duplicate entries and the duplicates can be removed. This isn't currently possible but I will add it to the list of future improvements.
  19. This will be available with 1.3 I've just released 1.2.9 which fixes this issue. Thanks for letting me know.
  20. This isn’t currently an option. I’m not against it and it could probably be achieved with a cookie but it would be very open to abuse.
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