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  1. Not a problem for me. If they have enough friends that are willing to spend time repping them to get them promoted then thats fine the system works. If people don't appreciate them or what they have to say then they won't do that for them.Kind of like a cooperative invite. What you are arguing is the reputation system is fundamentally flawed and open to abuse, in that case why even have it in the first place? Personally I think it does work if set to positive only and if so then why not use the results of it to perform actions such as this?
  2. Would it be possible to add number of reputation points as a criterion for group promotion? I think this is a better way of determining quality of members than number of posts and days since joining.
  3. Any reason why there's no RTE editor to edit the help files in the Admin Panel?
  4. Yeah sounds like some good changes there. +1 On a related spam note I still can't work out how to hide banned spam members from the members list and member count. when I have a marked as spam memer the system says they are in group "Members (banned)" and obviously I cannot set the members group to not show in the members list :) In essence I don't really understand the altered method of handling banned members in IPB3. Could somebody please explain it to me?
  5. I'd like to suggest that the "Show topics/forums with no new" text in the watched content hook be changed to "Toggle topics/forums with no new" or have it change to hide when expanded.
  6. That it is Matt, it's a hidden gem. Well not so hidden really, just overlooked :) p.s. Bug reported and already fixed in 3.0.3
  7. Well that's a pleasant surprise :) Thanks Josh. There's a tag mismatch on that query though, bug in the output?
  8. I would like to use a single search facility across my site and as such a search API would be very useful. Say a search query is submitted via my site I would like to simmultaneously request search results from IPB/gallery etc and have them returned as an xml result set in order to combine them with my own search results. Is this currently possibly or likely to be considered for a future version?
  9. Hmmm something seems to have changed in the way groups are handled in 3. The spam user is now in group "Members (Banned)" and my banned group is empty. Is this group now redundant? If so how do I apply your suggested change?
  10. Cool thanks, does that group still count towards the member count statistic?
  11. So back to the original problem of having banned users cluttering up the members list, is there a solution to that?
  12. I know why don't we charge say 0.01 pence for a "forum message stamp"? oh wait hang on... #fail :)
  13. I can think of a few things that would be a little more... shall we say... abrupt :)
  14. Sounds good :D On a serious note though "Registration failed due to suspected abuse. Please contact us if you think you have received this message in error." Could work.
  15. So it does :) Thanks Brandon. Are we getting a "nasty message to spammer" option then?
  16. Yes but does the error message say why they don't have permission and they should contact the admin or again is it just an assumption that people will contact the admin similar to the Friendly error messages topic already posted here. Thanks for listening.
  17. :) I think that would be better. Maybe some kind of error message to that affect suggesting they contact an administrator if it is a genuine registration. I'm not sure how it would be dealt with once they contacted an administrator, maybe by manually adding them via ACP? If that was the case it would also be useful if when adding a member manually from the admin panel we could choose to have a random password generated and emailed to the new member rather than setting it ourselves. I think that that would be a good suggestion in it's own right regardless of the spam issue.
  18. Is that not what the admin review option is for? ;)
  19. Regarding the new spam service, it seems to have caught it's first spam account on my board and succesfully banned them which is brilliant! Why though does it take this action? I don't really want a load of banned spam accounts show up in my members list.
  20. No, I might not have made myself clear but that isn't quite what I meant. I am not suggesting saying "you might not be logged in" Here is what shows now when logged out... Now if I'm a guest and see "You do not have permission to post" with no suggestion as to why I have no permission it is not very helpful. Yes I might assume that I have to log in to view because of the text below (which could be easily missed as it kind of loses focus when a big red alert takes your focus) but it still relies on an assumption. What I suggest is "Only registered and signed in users are able to view this post." or words to that effect. It is not that I don't have permission it is just that I haven't signed in. If I am signed in and it genuinely is a permission error it should say "You do not have permission" as it does currently but even then a link to a help topic explaining why certain users don't have permission to do things and how they are able to obtain permission would be much better. I hope I have explained myself better. I know a lot of things are overlooked because the majority of forum users are particularly tech savvy but when you are trying to bring an archaic offline community into the 21st century then these seemingly minor issues do need to be looked at. Hope that helps, keep up the great work on what truly is an exceptional group of products.
  21. Andy Millne


    I know a lot of people have requested a tags feature for posts. I don't really see the long term value in this as the majority of non technical users would ignore this. Where I see "tags" as useful is tagging of entities IPS have a suite of community products so this would fit very well indeed and start to move forward the traditional forum software which let's face it hasn't really evolved a great deal in recent years. So what if you could tag members in posts/galleries/blog entries calendar events etc..? Say somebody writes a post about another member they (or somebody else) then tag it with that members name who is notified they have been talked about. Facebook do this very succesfully with images so why not extend the idea across the community suite. It wouldn't be much of a mind leap for current users as they are already used to doing this on facebook. There may be issues with software patents somewhere but there are always ways around this.
  22. Thanks, Can we get a mouse-over button like the one for editing topic title please? Editing description now takes three clicks and three full page loads. when it used to only take one mouse hold.
  23. I'm not sure if this is a bug, an omitted feature in 3 or just me being stupid but the ajax edit topic description doesn't seem to work when listing topics. There also doesn't seem to be a way of editing it from within the topic itself. Am I missing a fundamental change with IPB3?
  24. To save bandwidth :P
  25. 6. Announcements - Similar to the announcements we can set on a forum by forum basis, how about announcements on a calendar by calendar basis. Also what I said about Calendar seeming to "Take a back seat" a prime example of that is the fact that no feedback sub-forum exists in this forum yet all other IPS products have one :P As for charging I wasn't suggesting you charge for it as a seperate app (Although I do think a nominal charge would be justifiable) just that it was credited with a bit more of an equal footing with the other apps. If I sound like I am knocking products don't worry that's not the case, I am trying to offer up my constructive opinions wherever possible in order to help development.
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