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  1. Pages SuperHelp support topic

    I had to changed the database to: When the item is edited only (instead of comment.) But this means when i change one of the articles. Like the 1st one it will be the last on on the index. Is there a way to manage this?
  2. Pages SuperHelp support topic

    Hi, As told on this post i updated to the latest version. (Removed templates) and then updated plugin and added templates. Choose the template again on the database but the numbering is nog correct. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. Pages SuperGrid support

    Sorry wrong topic... ill update the plugin first. Thank you
  4. Pages SuperGrid support

    Thanks again opentype. Great templates for a good price. Im using it for reviews. https://www.duken.nl/forums/reviews/hardware/oukitel-k6000-plus-review/ But it on the main page the articles are not on the correct order. How can i change this? (Conclusie should be number 9)
  5. It will be solved in the next release. Here is a solution for now:
  6. Sticky Notes

    Great simple to use app. Does as shown in the demo. Love it
  7. Pages SuperGrid support

    I would love that too. No we have duplicate content. I know it's a IPS "feature". Maby someone has a solution.
  8. Pages SuperGrid support

    Hi, a quick "nooby" question. What is the "twitter handle" ? If you add a Twitter handle and the record has an image, a Twitter Card will be created Should i add my id @dukennl? or twitter url like: https://twitter.com/DukenNL ? Thnx
  9. Pages SuperGrid support

    never mind, found it. It is "record_edit_time" EDIT Damn its not, when is older then 7 days you get 1 jan 1970.
  10. Pages SuperGrid support

    Sorry for the kick. But anyone an idea what the $record is for changed date? I cant find it. So i can change {datetime="$record->record_publish_date"} to {datetime="$record->record_*CHANGED*_date"} Thank you
  11. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    Great app, bought it Where can a member send a note? I can't find the option. It is enabled in the plugin. Thx
  12. Pages SuperGrid support

    Works great with 4.2. Love this plugin. Is there a way to change the "edited on xxxx by xxxx" from the button to the top or onder the data when it is created? Thank you I can add something behind: </div> {datetime="$record->record_publish_date"} </div> But what is needed for the change date?
  13. So is checked out cloudflare andere amp. https://www.google.nl/amp/blog.cloudflare.com/accelerated-mobile/amp/ It looks like you van activatie amp for your forum of you are also using cloudflare. Im on cloudflare at the moment, but Does anyone had experiance with this combination and ipb?
  14. Invision Community 4.2

    Great! Can't wait for the production 4.2
  15. Pages SuperGrid support

    Great thank you for the help! I will deactive the Listing.