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  1. On 6/16/2021 at 10:29 PM, beats23 said:

    I had V2.6.0 installed before I update to IPS 4.6 and it works fine.

    I can confirm, it works on 4.6.1. Except of changing settings in AdminCP. CSRF-check is missed.


  2. 12 minutes ago, Large Scale Planes said:

    Are you guys even reading my posts?

    Yes. I tried to help. You say the folders were never there and the images from the folders that never were there have been served on the old server without issues. This makes no sense. Either they were there and have been deleted or moved (occasionally?) Or there have been any settings on the server (.htaccess?) redirecting to other path. I have no other ideas. 

  3. Check your directory (path) settings:

    1. In ACP go to System -> Files
    2. Click on Storage Settings
    3. See what is set for Reactions and Profile Photos
    4. Change to the tab Configurations
    5. Click on the storage method in question (edit)
    6. See what is set under Directory. Is it a right path?
    7. Is Use a Custom URL? enabled? If yes, what is set under Custom URL? Is it a correct URL?
  4. On 6/10/2021 at 6:40 PM, DanielFb said:

    @Sonya* I wonder if you have plans on making this app compatible with v4.6?

    Kind regards.

    Yes. I will look into it next week when German translation is ready.

  5. Please use thumbs for the record images in search snippet. The template recordResultSnippet.html:

    <ips:template parameters="$indexData, $itemData, $url, $condensed" />
    {{if $condensed}}
    	{{if $itemData['record_image']}}
    		<span class='ipsThumb_bg ipsThumb_small ipsPos_left' style='background-image: url("{file="$itemData['record_image']" extension="cms_Records"}")'>
    			<img src='{file="$itemData['record_image']" extension="cms_Records"}' alt='{$indexData['index_title']}' class="">
    	<div class='{{if $itemData['record_image']}}ipsColumns ipsColumns_collapsePhone{{endif}}'>
    		{{if $itemData['record_image']}}
    			<div class='ipsColumn ipsColumn_medium'>
    				<a href='{$url}'>
    						{template="thumbImage" group="global" app="core" location="front" params="$itemData['record_image'], $indexData['index_title'], 'large', '', 'view_this', NULL, 'cms_Records'"}

    For the image heavy database the activity stream has a terrible performance if every record image has over 4 MB.

    Thank you!

  6. I think there are two different use cases:

    • Editor for user-generated content. Should be simple, not too many options, clear and foolproof. I think that the actual IPS editor fulfills the requirement.
    • Editor for articles wrote by admin. Should be powerful, have many options (text positioning, blocks, columns, grids, custom code pieces, custom styles, extendable with SEO and other plugins, have additional extensions via Marketplace etc.) For this case, the actual IPS editor is not enough. 
  7. I am not certain if the behavior of mobile push notifications is correct. Every time I get a notification and click to view the content, the notification itself does not disappear (Android). It means the notifications are still there as if I have not yet read the content. I have to go through all notifications and swipe them away one by one. 

    The behavior of other notifications (Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) is different. Once I clicked them, they disappear from my notifications stream. This is how I would expect to have IPS notifications as well. 

    Additionally, I wish the notification list in IPS would recognize that I have read the content and mark the notification as read.

    Right now, if there is a notification, then:

    • I click on it to view it
    • I swipe it away to get rid of
    • I have to open my notification list here to have it marked as read as well.

    Three actions to get rid of one notification. 

  8. 29 minutes ago, Maxxius said:

    I get one reason why - perhaps sharing URLs in social media and elsewhere becomes a bit of a nightmare - since you get %E3%82%A2-like characters all over the place. But besides is that cosmetic issue is the only one?

    This. When I see something go to _https://example.com/2-%E3%82%A2 it looks like spam for me. It looks dirty, it looks not serious for me. I cannot read, what this %E3%82%A2 mean, something harmful, something inappropriate? I believe it makes no difference for SEO though as Wikipedia uses it. 

  9. I have set our picks page as my start page. I have entered in AdminCP (Search Engine Optimization -> Meta Tags) a custom Page Title for the start page. It is ignored. The page title is still Our Picks. For all other pages the page title works. Why it does not work for the Our Picks?

  10. 8 hours ago, opentype said:

    I could imagine that as a stand-alone template product if there is enough interest. 

    I had a vision. Imagine, there is an app called SuperWidgets. The app has custom templates for system widgets:

    • Recently Browsing with overlapping user avatars like in SuperTopics
    • Who's online with overlapping user avatars like in SuperTopics
    • Similar Content like SuperBlocks
    • Activity Stream like SuperTimeline

    The app was submitted by @opentype in Marketplace, and I've bought it immediately. End of the vision. 🙃

  11. On 4/20/2021 at 3:56 AM, bradybarrows said:

    #2 Is the Android mobile app still available and working on Android devices? 

    Yes. But it has many bugs.

    On 4/20/2021 at 3:56 AM, bradybarrows said:

    3 Why has the beta versions of these mobile apps take so long?  Is it difficult to integrate IC into a mobile app? What is the story behind all this?

    An app with branding and all the customizations is technically not feasible, I guess or requires tons of programmers. Right now: no customizations, no monetization, no branding. All IPS communities sit in one app like TapaTalk. To have an own app for your community only, you would have to go through Google and Apple approval process to add it to their stores. You, not IPS. It costs. 

    Another question: why do you need mobile app? If it is because of push notifications, they are integrated in 4.6 without mobile app. Any other reason, you would like to have mobile app? 🙂


  12. I wish there were an interface where we can submit PHP hooks for the databases fields. E. g.

    • onLoad
    • onChange
    • onCreate
    • onDelete
    • onClick
    • and so on...

    Example 1: onCreate or onChange

    While creating or updating a record with a field of type Address, update another field with list of cities, countries to allow search/filter by location. 

    Example 2: onLoad

    Get/extract information from another tables, like showing who has added the record to this favorite list.

    Example 3: onClick

    Record the information, who has clicked the URL field and how often

    This would boost the Pages and allow to create many kinds of interesting apps.

    Note: And yes, I know that I can create a bunch of hooks where I have to restrict them to database and field. This is not the same. The hooks are separated from the field so that I have to know they are there. I have to track field key values and database IDs to be sure the hooks are executed at the right place. And I have no possibility to change them on-the-fly. 


  13. 8 minutes ago, CoffeeCake said:

    I would not use a payments processor that does not allow for standard testing practices.

    I would not also, but a client wants 😄 

    8 minutes ago, CoffeeCake said:

    Can you change your "live" domain with the processor, such that you set your domain to test.example.com and then once your testing is complete put it back?

    Not with this payment provider. Every domain should be publicly accessible, and it takes a week or more till the domain is approved 🙈

  14. I wonder how can I test new subscription and payment gateway.

    • There is no group restriction for the subscription, so that I cannot create one just for test and special group
    • I cannot restrict the payment method to special user group only
    • I cannot test on test server as the payment provider does not allow other domains (only live)
    • If I overcome the previous, I still cannot test on test server as the payment interface should be accessible publicly and test installation must be protected by .htaccess
    • I cannot use the constant \IPS\NEXUS_TEST_GATEWAYS on live server as it applies to every payment method 

    Any idea of how to create a test subscription with test payment gateway without allowing normal users to use them? 

  15. You write on the Additional Information tab:


    Adding Category images. You can add category images for the main level by adding the Category Image plugin from the Marketplace. SuperHelp will support images uploaded this way automatically.

    What plugin do you mean? I could not find in Marketplace. 

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