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  1. There is already a topic about caching the check for the hooks version and to repeat it after a defined number of days so I'll skip that part :P Actually the function that checks if an hook is updated or not based on the long version checks only if the Update URL returns 1 or 0 and based on that the board shows an upgrade link ONLY if you have setup a website url for the Hook. My idea is to expand a bit the data returned in this format: 1|URL_TO_DOWNLOAD_THE_NEW_VERSION In this way even if the website url is not specified for the hook (or if the url has changed) admins have always the latest url available that points to the direct url for the download based on the mod instead of pointing always to the website defined for the Hook. A quick example for the link is: 1|http://www.mydomain.com/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=XXX
  2. Well this topic was about something completely different :P The fast reply box doesn't appear at all in the mentioned forums in the first post, as it is a per-setting forum I was wondering why you disabled it on those 2 forums :o
  3. I was wondering why the fast reply is disabled here for those forums: Skinning and DesignIPB Skin Support
  4. Well, the best thing (in my opinion) is to show only the dropdowns to change if/foreach cycle and the other dropdown to selected the hook point of course when IN_DEV is not enabled. When IN_DEV is enabled instead show everything as usual.
  5. A quick "fix" would be to put the quote of the post inside a spoiler tag :D
  6. The best example is the shoutbox, already some peoples asked how to change the hook access point for the global shoutbox.. without IN_DEV this is not possible :\
  7. The problem is not to load the CSS but to have a different CSS for each skin editable in ACP :P
  8. It is exactly because I saw the hook made by alex for REP system that I made this topic lol Anyway master_css is used only for IN_DEV mode
  9. Hooks already support templates but what about CSS files? Adding CSS files manually in the hook package won't add them in DB and so you can't edit those files from ACP using the built-in editor, and using an FTP program to edit them defeats the purpose of the new IPB3 editor.
  10. Beta 2? Who said anything about it? :P Btw I've sent you a PM :)
  11. This should require only a few lines of code, I'll make a tutorial later when I'm done with the work on the shoutbox :D
  12. Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphinx_(search_engine)
  13. The best option to search for words with 2/3 characters is to use sphinx :o
  14. I suppose you have already seen this article, all the basic info you need are written there anyway :)
  15. *Terabyte gives Brandon a huge kiss* :wub: :lol:
  16. I was hoping that you implement this small change for 3.0.0 :( Actually I have already rewritten the function on my own just for fun lol static public function getCache( $keys ) { if ( is_string( $keys ) ) { if ( ! in_array( $keys, array_keys( self::$data_store ) ) ) { self::_loadCaches( array( $keys ) ); } return self::$data_store[ $keys ]; } elseif ( is_array( $keys ) && count( $keys ) ) { $toLoad = array(); foreach( $keys as $key ) { if ( ! in_array( $key, array_keys( self::$data_store ) ) ) { $toLoad[] = $key; } } self::_loadCaches( $toLoad ); return TRUE; } return FALSE; }
  17. No I can't, the global shoutbox is an Hook so I can't load the shoutbox coreVariables.php :)
  18. I am in the process of converting the global shoutbox and I've come across an issue with the caches. In IPB 2.3 was possible to use init_load_cache to load an array of caches at once but now in IPB 3 this is not possible anymore, the only way is to use $this->cache->getCache('cache_name') but in this way I need to use 3 different queries to load 3 caches. A quick solution would be to change the function _loadCache from private to public so everyone can access it or update the function getCache to support an array of caches.
  19. And then everyone will enable it and their DB will grown infinitely in size because people won't read the notice that the option uses a lot of DB space :P
  20. Then purchase a license, IP.Board is not a free software.
  21. You're not blind, there is no tool for that :P Make a copy of the files from the folder with ID 1 (same goes for CSS)
  22. Welcome in the IPB world so :P You also might want to logout and login again so your status here on the board is updated to active customer :)
  23. You can setup an image even in the language string editing the language string in ACP. Now with IPB3 language strings are meant to be edited in ACP without downloading the files in the cache with an FTP program :)
  24. I was saying exactly that :P Not a big problem for me as I don't run multi-language forums but I can see it be a problem for others.
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