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Everything posted by teraßyte

  1. +1, give us the topic author back lol :P
  2. Always worked fine for me with FF 2 & 3
  3. I have noticed a files.xml in the xml directory while I was packing IP.Shoutbox Beta 1. Perhaps the "Permission Checker" could load those files.xml from each application and you can list there the folders that needs to be writable? :P
  4. Ah thanks that's explains why I never noticed it, I rarely use the support tab lol :rolleyes: Is there any way to add also CHMOD checks for our applications? Maybe adding an xml file in the xml folder for the application? I haven't checked the code yet but would be good if you can tell me :P
  5. Never noticed/used this tools :huh: Where is it located? I'll have a look in ACP right now O.
  6. I have noticed often that people get errors because of a wrong CHMOD when they move forums on another server or in similar situations. It would be a good idea to have a Tool in ACP to check if all the needed folders have a proper CHMOD.
  7. teraßyte

    LoFI folder?

    The lofi folder is there to redirect the old lofi links crawled by bots/spiders to the new links :)
  8. Actually the template plugin js_module allows to add only js file that have ips. as prefix. Of course us modders can add JS file naming them in this way but people would be confused and think that mod files instead are "official" IPB files. Would be great to have an option to specify to not add the ips. prefix, something like this code: {parse js_module="MY_JS_FILENAME" prefix="no"}
  9. Now that you mention it I have refreshed the CSS in my browser cache, those roll over are really nice :) Green dot for sub forums with new replies are there from some days instead :P Good job Rikki :thumbsup:
  10. Same here, thanks for adding it Rikki lol
  11. nvm, replied after michael xD
  12. This area is for feedback and not for support so please stop posting replies here :)
  13. Well yes if you talk about the code I agree with you Mark but in terms of features this is simply an upgrade to port it to IPB 3 (or at least this is what I read) :P
  14. Well, even if the Subscription Manager is going to become a Community Project I don't think we will work on it much for now as we have already plans for IP.Tracker & IP.Shoutbox 2.0 before it :P The only thing that has changed is that this is not a default feature anymore but you need to install it as an additional component like Downloads, Blogs, Gallery, etc.. Anyway keep in mind that it will be a free application and will become a Community Project so you don't have to pay anything additional fee to use it :)
  15. If I don't mistake someone from IPS Staff (maybe bfarber or Josh?) said that Subscription manager should be included in Beta 5 :o
  16. If I don't mistake Matt has implement a way to edit FURLs from ACP so is simple to change them. And even if I'm wrong about this tool you can always change them editing manually the file with the rewrite codes :)
  17. Maybe they can add something like "No Results Found" in the title page? Board Message doesn't give a correct idea of "no results found" unless you know it, so it might confuse new members :o
  18. Really.. IPB 3 Beta is not meant to be used to upgrade a live site :o However IP.Subscription is a simple rewrite of the old subscription system with no additions, a developer from IPS staff is upgrading it to work with IPB 3 (Josh or Jason if I don't mistake) and then it will become a community project after the final release of IPB 3.
  19. Beta 4 come out exactly 2 minutes ago :lol:
  20. teraßyte

    Piracy Report

    I have this same error sometimes but only if i try to insert certain specific links. If after the error i try to use a different link it goes fast as usual.
  21. Well, errors are logged fine right now (day by day on different files). Problems occur only when non-expert peoples with IPB see that generic "IPS Driver Error", adding something like the paragraph i suggested above will tell them were to search for the real error without confusing those that doesn't know were to look :)
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