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  1. The {member_name} does not replace the username, how can you fix that? With best regards
  2. Unfortunately the chatbox is not recognized, is that even possible with the chatbox +? Or which chatbox is meant? I have the chatbox + 2.3.6
  3. Hallo Miss_B, how can I change the phases in my language? Unfortunately I didn't find anything in the templates and language. EDIT: I was able to find the error myself. Somehow the browser spun, now everything works as intended.
  4. I thought, if you don't specify a group, would all groups be included? What if I want to verify multiple groups?
  5. Unfortunately, the problem is with the chat box.
  6. Thank you V0RT3X666, I'll test in a quiet minute.
  7. Good idea for the plugin. I installed it and was able to make my settings. When I put the widget in forum nothing is displayed in IPS 4.5. If I refresh the forum, the widget disappears. Where is the mistake?
  8. Good extension, unfortunately no icon is displayed after checking. Not even in standard style. Is there a solution for this?
  9. Unfortunately does not work in IPS 4.5. Today 2 users registered and no post was created, although everything was set and activated. How can I fix that?
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't work in Firefox either. You can't even see the pencil there.
  11. The settings are all and I also have the rights to edit. When I click the pencil, nothing happens.
  12. Hello @TAMAN, I just installed the update and can no longer edit my ticker text, how can I fix this? Best regards
    The basic structure of the style is great. You can argue about the colors and you can change them in the ACP. A lot of setting options, which simplifies editing. As a beginner with styles, you can quickly lose track of things, you have to deal with them. It is definitely worth the money.
  13. There is no picture in the post, but it is in the editor
  14. Hello, First thank you for the good plugin. Unfortunately, my picture is not shown at % 7B ___ base_url ___% 7D ..... If I replace it with my URL, then it works. Where can I change that permanently?
  15. Problem was solved with Pages. Everything works.
  16. A small contribution and a big step for humanity. With Pages it works.
  17. Unfortunately, I don't have this option. I can change the PHP version in the URL.
  18. Answer from support: You use PHP as CGI / FPM for your domains. This PHP variant is executed under your FTP user and is therefore already restricted to your account at user level. Therefore, the commands mentioned do not pose any risk and are therefore activated. Deactivation would be for the entire server and is therefore not possible in shared server tariffs.
  19. Let's see what the provider says about it. They are really trying hard to satisfy the customer.
  20. Thanks for the help I got here. That with php.ini didn't work. I will write to my provider.
  21. I don't have access to php.ini. Can you do that via htaccess?
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