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  1. No, it will send to the forum chosen on category. The forum on SETTINGS if for support topic.
  2. Of course not. You had a problem.I haven't any issue and showed you on a screenvideo. Other user also didn't had. The app uses the default of MySQL. No, simply select a forum on DISCUSSION FORUM and the button will appear on tutorial view.
  3. No, you're fine. Michael had some issue on his install. You have to add the names back 'cause they are stored now as language bits, due to ability of use several language bits. This happens in all suite: Tutorials: Forums: Gallery: etc. Articles are on tutorials_articles table.
  4. Your upgrade failed, Michael; it doesn't finish, hence the missing language bit, etc. Do a backup of your categories ad tutorials and uninstall the app. Install a fresh 2.0.1 and restore the data. If you're not comfortable in doing that, send a PM with your ACP, FTP and MySQL access. I'll do it tomorrow in the morning. Disregard. The column is exacly like that. It ia only trying to force a NULL comment.
  5. I installed 2.0.0 and upgraded to 2.0.1 a dozen of times today to test one of the new features and I had no problem with it. And to leave no doubt, I made it again and here it is: http://www.screencast.com/t/Xkyki7biC3R I also know that @Michael Schneider upgrade without any problem. He bought the app 30 min before I update it and pmed saying that upgrade just fine. Not sure what could've had happen there, but it seems something on your end. If you have only categories, yes. If have subcategories it makes sense: If you see the screenshot of the file you'll find it useful. Anyway, you can disable it. This is probably due to your resolution. Compare Tutorials listing with topics listing: Not that HUGE difference.
  6. What's New in Version 2.0.1: New features: Caegory Icons: now you can choose an icon to your categories. Use: if you have a category of articles about iDevices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.), then you can easily upload the Apple logo to your category. It will be displayed on category list. (image below) Categories on Navigation Bar: to take advantage of menus on IPS4, categories root now will be listed on Tutorials link on navigation bar. Of course this is a new setting; it can be disabled at any time. (image below) Forum Discussion: now you can also choose a forum to be the forum where the users should create their own support topic. It will not create a topic on chosen forum; it will simply add a new button on tutorial view to that forum. Use: Sometimes if the community is very busy, it's not easy to deal with several doubts in one single topic. Forums Discussios can work together with Topic Discussions. That means that you can have 2 buttons on tutorial view: one linking to the FORUM DISCUSSION and another linking to SUPPORT TOPIC. Of course, you can opt to use only one. (image below) Category Icons and Categories on Navigation Bar: Forum Discussion:
  7. No, no option. You can edit the template on ACP -> Customization -> your skin -> Tutorials -> Front -> View -> view, find: <aside class='ipsColumn ipsColumn_wide'> <div class='ipsPad'> {{if $article->container()->forum_on AND $article->container()->forum AND $article->topic()}} <a href='{$article->topic()->url()}' title='{lang="tutorial_get_support_title"}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_normal ipsButton_fullWidth'>{lang="tutorial_get_support"}</a> <br> {{endif}} <h2 class='ipsType_sectionHead'>{lang="tutorial_information"}</h2> <ul class="ipsDataList ipsDataList_reducedSpacing ipsSpacer_top"> <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{lang="views"}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic">{number="$article->views"}</span> <meta itemprop='interactionCount' content='UserPageVisits:{$article->views}'> </li> {{if $article->container()->allow_comments}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{lang="tutorial_comments"}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic">{number="$article->comments"}</span> </li> {{endif}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{lang="submitted"}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic">{datetime="$article->date"}</span> <meta itemprop='dateCreated' content='{expression="\IPS\DateTime::ts( $article->submitted )->format( 'Y-m-d' )"}'> </li> {{if $article->updated != $article->date}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{lang="updated"}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic">{datetime="$article->updated"}</span> <meta itemprop='dateModified' content='{expression="\IPS\DateTime::ts( $article->updated )->format( 'Y-m-d' )"}'> </li> {{endif}} {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->hasAcpRestriction( 'core', 'members', 'membertools_ip' )}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{lang="ip_address"}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic"> {{if mb_strlen( $article->ipaddress ) <= 16 }} <a href="{url="app=core&module=modcp&controller=modcp&tab=ip_tools&ip=$article->ipaddress" seoTemplate="modcp_ip_tools"}">{$article->ipaddress}</a> {{else}} <a href="{url="app=core&module=modcp&controller=modcp&tab=ip_tools&ip=$article->ipaddress" seoTemplate="modcp_ip_tools"}"><span data-ipsTooltip title='{$article->ipaddress}'>{truncate="$article->ipaddress" length="22"}</span></a> {{endif}} </span> <meta itemprop='dateCreated' content='{expression="\IPS\DateTime::ts( $article->submitted )->format( 'Y-m-d' )"}'> </li> {{endif}} {{foreach $cfields as $k => $v}} <li class="ipsDataItem"> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3"><strong>{lang="tutorials_{$k}"}</strong></span> <span class="ipsDataItem_generic">{$v|raw}</span> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> <div class='ipsResponsive_showPhone ipsResponsive_block ipsSpacer_top'> {template="follow" app="core" group="global" params="'tutorials', 'article', $article->id, $article->followers()->count( TRUE )"} </div> </div> </aside>Move it to wherever you want. Bear in mind that CUSTOMIZATION isn't part of the suppoort. You're on your own. The app is as it is. But I do mind and I won't change this. OK to me if you want to change YOUR installation and do whatever you want. Please Michael. Don't treat this app as it is a custom job made exclusively to you. I have other 415 clientes that likes it the way it is, or at least I didn't see any others 20, 30, 75 requests to change it. One, sorry, do not justify. I already made one change to you, you know that, it will be available on next version, but that is all.
  8. It is working exacly like it was built. Only FORUMS app is like your screenshot. All other, including all others from IPS is exacly like Tutorials. Go to Pages, Downloads and Gallery and you will see. https://community.invisionpower.com/files/categories/ https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/ I'm really not worried with "better looking".
  9. It's pretty simple and obvious and it's been like that since version 1.0.0, when the other dev created this app for IP.Board 2. In SETTINGS you have 2 settings for the topics. 1. forum 2. Template for the support topic. This one you have to fill if you want to use topics, regardless the forum setting (global or per-category). For every app I know, SETTINGS is a global configuration for various things. If you want something specific for a category, go to category! It's simple: choose a forum on SETTINGS if you want to use THE SAME forum for ALL your categories. See the text below the forum field, indicating that you can use different forums for diffrrent categories. If you want FORUM1 to be used on CATEGORY A and FORUM2 in CATEGORY B, then DO NOT choose a forum on SETTINGS. Choose it on CATEGORY instead. You don't activate the button on tutorial view manually. Simply choose a forum (globally on settings or per-category) and create the tutorial. The button will be there. And please, use the right terms. The confusion only gets bigger at every new post you do. What is SUPPORT FORUMS? I have no idea!
  10. Please, Michael, be clear. What you mean by "post being moved to a tutorial" ? You can create tutorials in 4 ways: using the form (that's not the case it seems)tutorializing a post (clicking on a link on each post)using the tool on ACP.copying an existing tutorial
  11. When you use the tool, it replaces the content of topic first post by the topic support template text; so if you run it twice, you won't get nothing than the support template text. Personally I don't think. Although the tutorials can be based on a topic, they're different content from different apps and not true I say a tutorial has 1,000 views when in fact it was created 1 min ago and has 1 view. But I can easly add a new option on that Tool form, so admins can decide if they want to use the topic views as tutorial view. No big deal to me. No, it doesn't delete anything. If the new category uses a different forum from the source category, the topic will also be moved to the proper forum. It the new category uses forum but the source don't, the topic will be created. This is handled by the framework itself. As I said here https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/417126-ips4-tutorials/?do=findComment&comment=2562259, this is used only if you want to create all topics in same forum. If you want different forums per-category, then you have to choose a forum on each category. If you mean SUPPORT TOPIC, if the the tutorial category has a forum and the tutorial has a topic associated, then the GET SUPPORT button will appear, as it shows on screenshot of this app: The editor of this app will work exacly the topic editor, or the Articles (from Pages app), or the Gallery editor or the Downloads editor, etc. So if doesn't work here, expect it to doesn't work in all other areas too. The editor is a central feature of the framework. I can't use a different or "make some magic" to your tutorials works on it.
  12. How are you creating the tutos ? There's a tool that create tutorials from topics, the third one on Tools screen. I can make a quick edit (just to you, not to the package itself) to update the tutorial view with the topic view. Thank you.
  13. When you add/edit a category, you'll notice a tab called IP.Board Topics: This tab will appear ONLY if you have FORUMS app installed. This is used only if you want to create topics in different forums, per-category. If you want to create topics in one forum, regardless the category, use the setting FORUM TO USE FOR SUPPORT TOPICS on this app settings. Sorry, both issues above fixed. Download the file again, uninstall your app and reinstall it. Do you really think it's necessary? It works exacly like all other official apps from IPS and 3rd-party apps. You go ACP and create the categories; give the groups the proper permission. Then go to public side and on +Create, choose a category and then create tutorials.
  14. The submission is approved now.
  15. That's the link. The marketplace moderator didn't approve the submission yet.
  16. About This File A full-featured Tutorials/Article system for your IPS Community. Here's a quick rundown of some of the features for this application: Unlimited categories of articles, plus unlimited depth of parent-child relationships Ability to use comments system or support topics, or both Per-category permissions to show category, read articles, submit articles, add comments, and avoid approval queues Extra Fields that can be used per-category Group permissions on specifc actions Integration with the Bulk Mail system Integration with ACP Live Seach (Tutorials categories) Integration with Tag system Integration with Report system Integration with Search systemsystem Integration with Share Links to share, download, or print articles Integration with Sitemap system to include tutorials in your sitemap Moderator actions on articles and comments Ability to create RSS feeds of all tutorials Ability to attach files to tutorials and comments Ability to quickly convert a forum post into a new tutorial Ability to copy a tutorial from one category to another or to the same category Friendly URLs for tutorials and categories Ability to give reputation points for tutorials Ability to rate tutorials Ability to follow categories and tutorials to receive notifications on updatesupdates Tools to create topics to existing tutorials, make tutorials of topics and rebuild support topics text if you have changed the template on Tutorials settings. And much, much more! Missing in this version: Multi-page tutorials. It will be back in a future version. For IP.Board 3.X: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5386-tutorials/
  17. Sorry, I have no plan or ETA to add new features. Not before update everything I have to update.
  18. This plugin will allow users to set up an automatic reply to personal conversation when they're not available. A new option will be added on Account Settings to users from selected groups. They will be able to enable the auto reply and type the auto reply content. Users with this feature enabled will view a global message warning about the auto reply and will show a link to disable it. Settings (Admin CP): Groups allowed to use this feature Settings (per user on Account Settings): Enable Auto Reply Auto reply content Note: Due to the rework on plugin (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding.
  19. This plugin will create a new topic every time a user gets warned. If the user was already warned, a new post on his topic will be created. Settings: Topic/Post Author Topic Title Post Content, with several variables to be used Increment author content count Forum (where to create the topic/posts) Groups (users that will have a topic created when they got warned) Note: Due to the rework on plugin (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding.
  20. This plugin will allow users from specific user groups to request to delete their account. All requests will be reviewed by Staff (admins), directly on ModeratorCP -> Delete Account Requests, to approve or deny the request. The whole user content (topics, posts, attachments, polls, etc.) will be preserved; only the account will be deleted. Features: Admins can choose which user groups can request delete account and how many posts a user must have to do it Users can request to delete their accouts directly on Account Settings The Staff will review each request to approve it or deny it on ModeratorCP -> Delete Account Requests A Notification will be sent to Staff when there's a new deletion request Each action of Staff (approve or deny a request) is logged on Moderator Logs Note: Due to the rework on plugin (every new resource has to be done from the scratch to run on IPS4), a new purchase is required. Thank you for your understanding.
  21. ​All previous buyers can download it now.
  22. ​You could post this in documentation or elsewhere: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/410819-any-documents-on-error-code/?do=findComment&comment=2544610
  23. About This File This plugin will create an auto reply to topics posted in specific forums. A new tab will be added in Forums (Admin CP) so you can choose in which forum will use the auto reply. Per forum settings: Enable the Auto Reply Increment Auto Reply Author content count Lock the topic after the Auto Reply is posted Auto Reply Author Auto Reply Content Previous Version: IP.Board 3.3 & 3.4: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5074-auto-reply-to-topics/ IMPORTANT NOTICE: Shoot me a PM if you bought the previous version of this plugin and I'll add you to this file (no charge), so you can keep on using it. I have all buyers in a list, but if I forget to add someone, just let me know.
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