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  1. Hum? There is a Latest Members on IPS4? As far as I know, it shows only the latest member on stats widget.
  2. About This File This application will limit databases record views for guests in last 24 hours. Settings: Number of visits allowed per day Databases affected Error message
  3. Why not to show the rank of the user instead of "You". Already has a photo/name there. Nice job.
  4. The pL gin uses tge default date format for your locale. It acts exacly like birthday when you edit the profile. At least it should.
  5. About This File This plugin will display JOINED DATE in user panel in posts and will allow the admin to choose between three different ways to show this date. Requirement: FORUMS app.
  6. About This File This plugin (widget) will display a block with the latest registered members on your board. Widget settings: Format user links according to the group color Number of users to show Choose which user groups will be able to view the block.
  7. About This File This plugin will display products from your Store on a widget in two ways: New Products or Featured Products. Plugin settings: Type of products to display: new or featured products Groups allowed to view the block Commerce related setting: New Products: Show up to X products added to the store within the last X daysRequirement: Commerce application
  8. About This FileThis plugin will allow new users to fill the Birthday on register form. Settings: Require birth date on registration screen?Require full birth date?If enabled, MONTH, DAY and YEAR will be required.If disabled, only MONTH and DAY are required.http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7331-birthday-in-registration-screen/?
  9. Nope. MEMBERS is the default group. If you use any kind of validation, they go to VALIDATING. After they validate the account, they go to MEMBERS. You can allow the user to choose a group by using this hook: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  10. No. IPS added something like that in 3.2. In Search Results, look for FILTER BY FORUM.
  11. I don't know if there's any data hook point in registration process... In 3.1.X there wasn't so I replaced the whole function and this is not very recommended to do. I'll take a look but if there isn't a hook point in 3.2 or some other way to make it, I won't update it.
  12. Probably not. Dawpi made one that is better than that.
  13. Hey, Maxxius, I don't use 3.0.X for ages... I won't support this hook (IP.Board 3.0.X) anymore, not even IPS does. If you're using this in 3.1.X, that can be the problem.
  14. Icons you need another hook. This one shows the group name.
  15. What's New in Version 3.1.0: Added setting to EXCLUDE groups from appearing in secondary groups list
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