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Entry Comments posted by Mark

  1. I'd really love to see the word 'Warning' ditched. Sometimes it's useful to have a tracked method of communication with a member which looks friendlier than this. 


    EG If I have some elderly lady sign up and post all in CAPS, I'm going to want to ask her to stop doing that, I want other moderators to see it's been done, and I want to have a record of it. But I don't want to scare her off with big red WARNING messages. 


    If we want to get scary, that's quite easily done in the actual message. 


    I know I could do this at the language / skin level, but I think it'd be preferable built-in. 


    Changing any phrasing is a feature that's built-in :)

  2. Realtime chat isn't programatically hard, but hosts will murder us. It's easy if you're Facebook, not so much if you don't have your own datacenter.


    Now if only we had some kind of cloud-based chat product that supported one-to-one messaging... oh wait........ watch this space

  3. Logan: You mean in the list when viewing messages? Yeah, when you hover over the photo, the hover card comes up.


    CheersnGears: Not as such. Though as you see in the "Starting a conversation" section - composing is done in a modal which disappears after submitting without you loosing your page. The "Send Message" button which appears in each member's hover card behaves the same way.


    Ocean West: This is probably not going to be in 4.0, though is something I'm really interested in for the future. It looks exactly the same in iOS7.


    bikedorkseattle: It's the same as how it works now.


    Mr 13: No. The PM system is not designed to be realtime chat.


    RObiN-HoOD: You can change the sort order :)


    Wolfie: That's a good idea, but not something we're going to do for 4.0.

  4. We already have quick editing in 3.x too, what exactly is new in 4.0 about this?


    I guess the only difference is that in 3.x we have a reduced editor while in 4.0 it's the full one? Other than that I can't think of anything else.


    • New UI for multi-moderation
    • Smart "check all" tools for multi-moderation
    • Multi-moderation is now global throughout the suite
    • Quick edit is now global throughout the suite and uses the full editor with attachment support
  5. TLMD: If the user doesn't add a note, it displays the same, but with a message saying they didn't submit a note.


    TLMD / RObiN-HoOD: There is no provision for pre-defined reasons. It's something I thought about, but it's usually quite apparent from the thing being reported why it's being reported, and if it's not pre-defined reasons won't be of help. For example, if you report a post because it contains a swear word, you don't really need to explain this or choose "swear word" from a drop down because the moderator is going to be able to see immediately why the post was reported. Plus, we wanted to make it really quick and easy for people to report something, while keeping a balance of allowing them to provide more information if necessary.


    LaCollision: Great points - when the UI is finalised and the beta comes out, would love to hear your thoughts :)


    ZakRhyno: I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're saying, but it sounds like what you're asking will be covered in part 5 of this series of blog entries which is about issuing warnings, which is the "action" part of a report.


    TSP / The Old Man: Hide will be there, possibly Move too. For anything else, you can click on the bit where it says "File Review" (which will say "Topic" if it's a topic or whatever) and it'll take you directly there for you to do anything else with that you like. Obviously each different thing that can be reported can have loads of different things you can do to it, so we wanted to put the key ones in there - but for everything else, you're just one click away.


    VyVid Productions: Good catch, I'll fix that ;) That's what happens when you have British people writing things... I've been working on Nexus this week and am having to train myself to type "authorise" with a z :p


    Marc_S / Ryan H: GreenLinks is right - throughout the entire suite, sending a message to a user is really easy. Just like how the video shows how you can report a post without leaving the page, sending a message is much the same. For the person who posted the thing being reported, it's there in the dropdown along with warning them. For the person who submitted the report, you just hover over their name. The report system is not designed to be a support ticket system though, so while it's great for sending a quick "Hey, thanks for that report - all sorted now" it's not meant to be anything beyond that.

  6. GreenLinks: No.


    djpretzel: Awesome, thanks for the feedback :)


    marklcfc: Yes, of course you can.


    Wolfie: I mean exactly how it works now, but the tabs and the menu have been flipped.


    xbp-tpn: No.


    Ocean West/Jim McClain: Yes, that exists. See my previous comment.

  7. Lots of questions :)


    A few people have asked about filtering by type - you may notice in the screenshot there is a "Hidden Content" header which lists all the types under it... clicking those will bring up a table that's the same as it was in 3.x (though we now go type -> unapproved/removed rather than unapproved/removed -> type because those filter bars were getting way too long :p) so you can still filter by type and get an overview and everything like you're used to. We think the approval queue is awesome and moderators will find it much easier to blast through all content at once (even on really communities, I very rarely see more than say... 25 things waiting approval and so filtering is usually unnecessary) but if you like to do things old school or maybe you're just really trigger-happy with the "mod queue" button - you still have all your fine-tuned control :)



    djpretzel/GreenLinks: Like Rikki says, you can just PM the user. In 4.0, to PM a user, you just hover over their name and click "Send Message" which launches a modal with the PM form which then just dismisses itself after sending, so you don't even need to leave the page you're on! It's hard to describe how quick and super-cool this is until you use it.


    Ocean West/Wolfie: If you click on the title (the black bar) it takes you to the topic/post/file/comment/image/article/event/blog entry/whatever where you can do whatever you like to it. Obviously each app has it's own stuff you can do to it.

    It checks each app in turn (so you'll get all the calendar events, or whatever it happens to be first, then all the blog entries, or whatever) then orders the results by date (oldest first).



    1) ... Let's go for yes :)

    2) Not in this interface. Click approve/skip/delete - next one comes up. Repeat until it's empty.

    3) Nope. We tried to do this, but it's impossible to get from a technical perspective because all the data is in different tables.


    chromaniac/ZakRhyno: Great idea. I'll look into it :)


    Boiling everything down to one value: Either 'All' or a count of permissions they have. Maybe an additional count for partial permissions. Example: In the downloads tab I give just 'edit files', and choose one category. Nothing else. Summary of their permissions from the index would be '2', or '2 (1 partial)'--or something like that. Conceivably you could also have a hoverbox that breaks down that count by container. Hover over the count and get 'Downloads: 2 (1 partial)'.


    Taking it one step further, when editing a permission set, add a number to each tab with the same info: Number of granted permissions in that tab, on a scale of 0 to All. Updated on the fly to reflect settings changes.


    So, let's say I have forums, gallery and downloads installed.... I have permission to edit and delete topics in all forums. I have permission to edit and delete in 8 categories in Gallery and no other permissions. In downloads, I can lock/unlock and pin/unpin in all categories. I can also hide/unhide globally.... on other tabs, I have settings that specify how many warnings I can give per day, if I can see member's email addresses and so on... what does my summary look like?

  9. Will there be any way to get a basic overview of each user/rank's permissions, without opening each one and going through the tabs?


    Is there a way to see every user/group that has moderator permissions of any kind for a given forum?


    For a large community, keeping track of who has what permissions (and whether they actually should) can be problematic, and this doesn't seem likely to help.


    There are so many combinations of permissions you could assign someone, I'm not sure what an overview could consist of... could you give an example?


    There is at present no way to show who has moderator controls on a particular container, but that's definitely a good idea for a future version :)

  10. So is this member an anonymous moderator on the front-end if they are not in any group stating they are a moderator?

    That would be fantastic...


    That's correct.


    How will it work when we add new "content dividers"/forums?


    Will we have then have to go into the manage moderators page "manually" or would we be prompted to set up moderator permissions? 


    Personally I would like an option to say that the forums you choose should not be given permission in, so you would blacklist instead of whitelist, as an option. 


    So you could choose the moderator group to never receive moderator powers in the forum room "Moderator discussion", but  you would like them to be automatically applied to all other forums when they're added to the board.


    Either way, this looks like it'll be better to work with than today :smile:


    If they have "all permissions", or the (for example) "Can edit all content?" setting, nothing would need to be done for the new forum (or whatever). If you've restricted permissions to certain forums (or whatever), you'd need to update them when creating a new one.


    Great work! it will make it a lot easier to promote global mods. I have a question tho. Will this impact how the mods and admins interact with the admin/modCP. in other words are you doing away with the mod CP feature in 3.x? 


    No, the moderator control panel still exists. The next few blog entries in this series will show off some of it :)

  11. "Sidebar" still on different sides... 1 app from right... 1 app from left...PM portal sidebar still on the left side like Downloads? Why? Have we got setting to change this? Sorry my English.


    We have an upcoming blog entry which will reveal all about the sidebar. Fear not :)

  12. Saiga, et al:-


    We don't think spammers should cost communities extra, so the IPS Spam Monitoring Service is completely free to all IPS customers with active product licenses. Back in June we announced a number of great enhancements to the service including performance enhancements and integration with useful services like Project Honeypot and Stop Forum Spam. These new features were added completely free of charge to help your community fight the threat of spam more rigorously and more reliably than ever before. 


    The way the service works is we tie each license key to the calling server (so that one license key cannot be exploited to be used to access the service across multiple sites). While this works great for the majority of our customers, it is not suitable for those on load-balanced environments which need multiple-server access for one license key. This new service is specifically for those communities, and is not designed to appeal to the majority of communities.


    Due to the way it works, it allows those that have it to have a little more control over the weighting which is otherwise not possible. This is also not necessary for most communities as the default weighting of the service has been carefully tuned to catch as many spammers as possible, and it works really well, catching over 25 million spammers from registering across IPS communities to date. Though since we can, we decided to throw these options in to this package. We are definitely not removing any features from the software or trying to get you to buy something extra.


    The IPS Spam Monitoring Service continues to be free and we will continue to make enhancements as we have done on several occasions.


    I hope that clears things up - sorry the blog entry didn't make all of that completely clear. As always, if you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, please get in touch.

  13. Awesome stuff Mark!  Very happy to see things being standardized. :smile:

    Is it possible at this time to talk about how easy/difficult it will be to have different Content Item types use the comment system in a different app?


    ATM you can link IP.C Database categories (Nodes) to individual forums for linked topic creation, and IIRC you can the same in IP.Downloads.  Is this something that will be standardized as well so that ALL Nodes can be linked to an admin specified Forum to act as the discussion engine?  Having all conversations happen in the SAME place is really key to where we see things moving in the future.  




    We haven't figured out the details yet, but yeah, there'll be some way to handle that simply.


    Why database? That would be mad inefficient. Checking whether the application exists would be silly--even then the particular class being requested might not. I would just run is_file or file_exists on applications/Db/sources/... then system/Db/... if it falls through, or vice versa. I wouldn't be surprised if you already do that during the loading process just to be safe.


    You should do some is_file profiling ;)


    Which also raises the question... do we have to use the IPS vendor namespace in our own apps?


    Within the IPS framework, yes - it's "IPS" as in "IPS Social Suite" (previously we would've used "IPB").

    Though we also have a PSR-0 standard autoloader if you wanted to use compliant libraries which are not part of the framework.



    Thanks for the explanation.


    I get that this would be marginally less efficient than your current approach, but why not keep everything unified? Check for an application class, then fall back to a system class if it doesn't exist (or vice versa). Relying on case semantics for autoloading seems like a poor design choice.


    It wouldn't work. Let's say I'm trying to use IPSDb, which so far hasn't been used - the autoloader would need a database connection to check if an application exists, which it can't do, because the database class doesn't exist yet.


    So how easy is it to add a new feature to all kinds of content items or nodes? For example my content ratings app is currently handled by adding another extensions file. Would I be able to easily make a central class of my own and then implement it into current apps with hook points?


    Yes, you would be able to do that :)




    Why not more like this?:


    IPSForumsTopic -> applications/Forums/sources/Topic

    IPSCoreForumsTopic -> system/Forums/Topic - or move core code to Core/Forums/Topic or even applications/Core/Forums/Topic


    Seems to be a bit clearer - that way, the second part of the namespace always defines which product the file was distributed with, and is a bit easier for people new to IPS products to pick up and follow.


    We're quite happy with how the autoloader works now :)


    It's such a tiny thing... but I honestly find that rather upsetting. IPS is fine as convention, but lowercase apps in the namespace? It feels inconsistent, and I don't understand why you would go that path when you're doing a complete rearchitecture. If nothing else, why not coerce everything to lowercase or upper camel case before loading regardless?


    Good question :)


    IPS4 makes use of a (somewhat complicated) autoloader. The platform contains both classes which are part of it's core, as well as applications (Board, Gallery, Downloads, etc.) all with their own classes. If the first part of the namespace (beside the "IPS" vendor name) is lowercase, it treats it as an application key.


    For example:

    IPSforumsTopic - would be located in applications/forums/sources/Topic

    IPSForumsTopic - the autoloader would look in system/Forums/Topic - which of course is the wrong place, but could theoretically exist.

  17. If I understand correctly when I choose storage as binary data in the database, so then all my image files will be converted to binaries, saved to my database and files (jpg,png,gif) will be removed from ftp server?



  18. Agreed but still not clearly understandable. Perhaps when I use the software it will but not now. I still prefer a green or red cross or something like FOUND or NOT FOUND on server.


    The radio button is disabled when the extension is not available - it's perhaps hard to make out in the screenshot - especially as I'm using a Mac which is quite subtle with disabled controls, and as almost everything is disabled on my localhost which can make it look like those descriptions just always show - but in use it's impossible to miss.

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