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4.0: Quick Translating

A while ago I blogged about some of the internationalization and localization changes in 4.0. One of the things I mentioned is a "Visual Language Editor" which allows you to quickly change any of the verbiage used throughout the suite just by clicking on a word of phrase.

Not only is the really useful for those who want to translate the IPS Community Suite into another language, it can also be used to easily change words and phrases as you like (for example if you want a link to say "Register" rather than "Sign up") - it can even be used to rename forums, categories, etc.

Before I couldn't show you it in action as we weren't quite ready to show the front-end interface but now here's a video of the feature in action:



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Very smart indeed.


If you change forums and categories using this, what happens to the names entered via the ACP when they were initially created?


We support translating the names of 'things' now, like forum names, categories and so on. So when you translate the name of a forum using this tool, it's updating it for just the language you're editing.

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As others have said, will make updating things a lot more efficient. Especially as you can see what you are changing straight away and see what it looks like rather than being in ACP, then switchig to front end, the realising its wrong, then switching back to ACP, then going back to check what you just corrected.

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Absolutely amazing!


As usual, frontend editing makes everything so much easier, and this is no exception. I am glad you offer this as a possibility to translate in 4.0! And I am so interested in more information about a visual editor that makes creating (basic) themes a joy for everyone with little programming or theming knowledge. Good work, guys!


This opinion is based on pre-release software and is subject to change after release. :p

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