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  1. Just because you would like it doesn't mean everyone does. In my opinion, AJAX is fantastic when it is done right. Not only is it good aesthetically, it has useful practical applications (such as the aforementioned video scenario). Unfortunately, it is rarely done right when there is a lot of information to process. There are so many different browsers which handle it slightly differently, it's a nightmare to code, confusing for the user when it doesn't work (but most likely submitted the content, just not returned it) and often done for little more than the sake of it. Even sometimes when I post a comment on YouTube, the submit button greys out and gets stuck on "Posting..." (or whatever it says) - then if I reload, sometimes its there, sometimes its not, maybe that's because the person posting the video has comment moderation enabled? Who knows? Not the user ;)
  2. I really like this idea, but it is very hard to implement - I even tried making a mod at one point, but it just had too many drawbacks: The only way one could really do it would be to add a tag if the reply or multi-quote button was used with the quoted person's ID in - which isn't hard but, someone could always copy and paste another persons post (which isn't feasible to be filtering out) - and what if someone quotes several posts in their reply, but you are only ignoring one? It would be difficult to not show half of a persons post...
  3. Let me rephrase that: upgrading would be a mess. Especially as it's so critical to get right (IT Crowd reference: "You don't want to end up in the middle of invalid memory!") and such a difficult thing to test - the only way to test it would be to create a test site filled with fake data, logging the way everything should be, running the upgrader and checking it all converted properly; and doing that is going to be very easy to make a mistake, or miss something. Unless there is some major compelling reason that they should never be used that I'm not aware of (if there is, please share: You didn't say why comma separated strings are so bad) I'd much rather know that the upgrader isn't going to be undertaking database structure changes for the sake of it.
  4. What's so bad about comma separated strings? If they used linking tables for everything that is comma-separated or serialised, the database would be a mess.
  5. How do you suggest it is done? And why not use regexes? They work fine...
  6. Mark


    Would be helpful if custom profile fields were passed to on_create_account. The only way to get that data now is to add $fields->out_fields to the function call in action_public/register.php and action_admin/member.php
  7. Just thought I'd let you know all the Nexus modules have a license agreement when you go to download it except the hosting one.
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