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Entry Comments posted by DawPi

  1. Quote

    UI Extensions are extensions to a single content class - Nodes, Items, Comments, or Reviews. With a UI Extension, you can:

    • Add custom CSS classes and data attributes
    • Add options to content menus
    • Add badges to content item headers
    • Add fields to content forms
    • ACP-related functionality (for nodes)

    Only add? What about modify/replace/adjust/update/remove?

    To be clear, we can't do anything from this list, right? I mean that list:

    Could contain: Page, Text

  2. 6 minutes ago, Matt said:

    Our code base was years overdue a clean up but it would have caused massive support overhead and massive after market development headaches were most of the marketplace needed updating.

    Sooo maybeeee you could add BIG RED TRIGGER to enable hooks with all the risk and consequences ceded to the owner of the forum?

    It would be an excellent compromise.


    4 minutes ago, Esther E. said:

    Hooking into a core class like the Text field, where it's referenced literally everywhere, can have unintended consequences

    Maybe. Someone say yes, other no. I have plenty private custom mods (hooks) and I can take responsible and all consequences. Now it won't be possible.

    12 minutes ago, SeNioR- said:

    So half or more of the plugins/apps will be removed from the marketplace

    ~ 85-90% I think.

    29 minutes ago, Matt said:

    If you can give me some examples of why you'd want to overload those methods, we can help guide you to newer tools or understand why there is a need and consider adjustments to the dev toolkit.

    I prefer to wait for more dev blog entries before I'll be more critical, but I feel close to certainty that more than 80% of my projects will not be possible on v5.



    Today’s blog entry is going to focus on one of our powerful new tools, Listeners.

    Nope, disagree. Hooks are powerfull.

  4. Quote

    Fired when a form is submitted, before it is saved. This is the equivalent of Item::processBeforeCreate and Item::processBeforeEdit. This method includes a parameter to indicate whether this is a create or edit.

    One question - it's fine for "default" form item. What if I want to add new form helper or even modify existing into specific item type and then use these Listeners?

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