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Is this a Windows 10 problem or are my emojis broken?

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Hi @Odiss,

This all comes down to the version of Microsoft Windows you are currently on. I am using a computer at the moment that has the exact same emojis missing in my emoji panel too. If you hover over the squares, it will tell you what emoji it is, and if you add it to a post then those that can view it will have it displaying correctly. It will just show up as a square on your end until your system can recognise that emoji.

From memory, the fix for this should have been introduced in the 22H2 update on Windows 11, but don't quote me. You might be able to find more information from a quick Google search.

It is fortunately not an issue with Invision Community. 🙂

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2 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

Hi @Gary!  Good to see you still around!  Hope all is well!

I have always been around. 🥷

@Odiss, that emoji I just posted above doesn't work for me but I do know it's the ninja emoji. 😄

But thank you very much for noticing!

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