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Updating active members list - bulk add?

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I am going through and trying to update the active members list. 

There are many that are NOT active any longer and need to be removed. 

I'm wondering if I can remove everyone and then upload a csv file for active members list? Is this possible?

I have the correct members pulled from the subscription / payment processors - so I know who's active.... but the current active list in the community has not been cleaned up in years. 

Would I move everyone on the current active group to another group and then upload or add the correct active members to the active group? 

I really would like to not have to go through 2k active members list to find the 300 that are really the active members. 

Suggestions on how to make this happen? 

Should I add another active group for the correct members list? But how do I get the full is of members there without adding individually. 

thank you for the help.

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You can't import a CSV list of the active members, it would just duplicate the accounts or skip importing them if the same email already exists (I forget which right now).


If you already have a list of active members, it would be best to:

  1. Move all members to a new group.
  2. Run a script to move the active members (based on your list) back to the correct group.
  3. Mass delete the members that remain in the new group.
  4. Delete the new group.


As I mentioned, you need to write a custom script that accepts the format of the list of active members and updates the accounts. Or, for example, if you have a query based on the email field, you can do step #2 above without a custom script and simply run your query with all the active members' emails.


In any case, be sure to do a backup before making any changes.

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