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the future of clubs or groups..

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I find that we don't talk too much about the future of the groups and I have the impression that this party is a little neglected...

while it is surely one of the fundamental bases for making the site more interactive and bringing more attractiveness to a community.

This needs to be pushed a little more. have a group as if it were a school class, or a sports group... its own calendar with its events. the possibility of having interactive projects with clear monitoring of the stages what is accomplished what must not be accomplished.

The forums are a bit dead in the sense that before it was good in the evening to come and see the news discussions, write a message or a discussion.

but now few of them need to do it themselves because they absorb information every day.

But the forum is an excellent thing when it is used well and adapted to our times and needs.

It will then be possible to create small groups, because we are stronger together and have more motivation, and the monitoring of each person is better when it is small, because today people are tired and need help. to move towards a goal.

Then think about how to help a person (adult or child) develop to achieve a goal (succeed in a diploma or other) using the IPS tool (forum, individual messaging, calendar, groups, individual support, coaching, project management, gamification)

If we want to open a forum and wait for people to register to write messages or discussions.... it's more current on the majority of new communities I think.

We must provide interactivity, with events, projects, give confidence to the member, show them that they are considered...

We learn a lot through practice when the project is attractive and we absolutely want to succeed.

For example, this forum could have been used, I think, by many members to learn development by selling them training with a project for them to develop an application for their site.

no one wants to open a theoretical book to learn the code, but if we start with practice where we know where we are going it really makes us want to do it and give it our all.

It's dead those who think that they will continue to sell training for a long time with hundreds of videos to watch, manage yourself and if you have a question send me an email or write a message under the video. many have bought and do not do them and will no longer buy for not doing so.

the same for I think a forum in its future, just wanting a forum to give certain information in messages... it remains insufficient

  we will have to find how to provide interactivity, gamification is good but we need to go much further I think...

the idea of the live topic is already a very beautiful thing in my opinion

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I agree that Clubs are underutilized by many communities, but it's up to the Community Admin to determine if adding clubs would add value to their users. I've seen some very active communities that have had clubs for years, but zero activity in them.

Clubs are critical for my site, and the the direction I'm heading with Fan Clubs. Just because it makes sense for me doesn't mean that's the case for everyone, though. Managing a community is a lot of work and it doesn't always make sense to dilute your often limited resources to build something many may not use.

However, for the communities it does make sense, it's absolutely worth exploring.

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Given the magnitude of time and resources required to manage a growing community, we are compelled to introduce a payment system. This measure aims to maintain a quality community and to fund a dedicated team capable of fully committing to this task.

Managing a large community can quickly become complex. To address this, we can organize smaller groups with "clubs". This approach will allow for easier personalized follow-up, facilitate interactions, set specific goals, and strengthen mutual support within our community.

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Probably one way to think of using Clubs is to bring in some kind of experimentation of content. Instead of adding a new category to your forums, use the Club feature. We have to start thinking of different ways of siloing content, changing things as a way to (not sure if the best phrase) imitate social media to sway members to return to forums.

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On 09/02/2024 at 00:34, Jelly Belly™ said:

Je n'ai pas encore utilisé de clubs, craignant légèrement que cela diluerait le contenu du forum et aiderait à faciliter les cliques qui ne quittent jamais leur club caché.

Joining a club allows access to various specific resources directly, eliminating the need for members to navigate through different areas of the site. This represents a significant time-saving, enhances usability, and greatly facilitates achieving desired goals.

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