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Is the Upcoming Events filter bugged or is it my head?

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I adjusted settings for the Upcoming Events window to show 3 days, and max 5 events.

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We have a forum member in the US midwest-ish, one in New Zealand, and I myself in Europe. The composite screen grabs done at the same time on my call shows the puzzling picture, with the number of events available reflected in the US portion:

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1. Of the 4 events available, why are all four shown for US members when the filter should remove entries for the 7th and 8th?

2. Why does a European member see the entry for the 8th?

3. The NZ member does not see entries for the 2nd. That's ok. But why doesn't he see the entry for the 8th if I do?


Shouldn't the correct view be:

NZ sees nothing, EU sees 2nd Feb. only, USA sees 2 entries, but not those for the 7th and 8th Feb.


Any ideas?



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Lol. Time zones can be so confusing. In the above, it is also not OK that the NZ member did not see the entry for 2nd Feb that could be seen in EU. The event was live as we were collecting the above data. So NZ should have seen something too.

Changing to show 5 or 6 days shows events for everybody, but the list can be quite long and we'd prefer 2-3 days.

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Items do not show once they are active, as they are no longer "Upcoming". In NZ, they were indeed no longer upcoming events. In terms of the other 2, that doesnt look correct if you had it set to 3 days, but you mention you have now changed the date period. Please let us know if you see that again and we can take a look, but dont change the settings so we can take a look at the issue

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