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Unable to upgrade - login fails

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I have a notice at the top of my forum about upgrading to the latest version - 4.7.14.

We are self-hosted, so I normally perform upgrades by logging into the ACP.

When I try to perform the upgrade via the ACP, the problem I have is that I can't get past step 2 - sign in. I enter my client area username, password and click the toggle to confirm the upgrade, but the page just refreshes. There are no errors or validation messages.

I have reset my password via the Invision client area and tried with the updated password, but I get the same issue.

Any help is much appreciated.



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On 12/27/2023 at 3:59 PM, Jim M said:

please ensure that your server is able to connect to our license server: remoteservices.invisionpower.com

/usr/bin/curl  https://remoteservices.invisionpower.com

(from my server -- no browser available) returns immediately with no error.

Using Firefox (from my laptop) returns


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