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logout page error

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18 minutes ago, Gauravk said:

When we sign out from any account (member or admin), it display page does not exist message

And URL is inaccessible, please help.



That’s caused by Ipsconnect, which was deprecated in favor of oauth 


17 minutes ago, Gauravk said:

And when login, it shows the page URL = https://carnity.com/?_fromLogin=1

Is it normal...?


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1 hour ago, Gauravk said:

Thanks Marc, can you please tell me how to check "connect" or "ipconnect" and how to uninstall it?

This would have been removed when you upgraded the release which removed it. You would want to check any third party add-ons, themes, etc... which you have installed which may reference it. Additionally, you can ensure that your login providers are not using it in ACP -> System -> Login & Registration -> Methods.

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