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Page Builder widget listing order


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On 12/11/2023 at 12:03 PM, NSPN said:

In the Page Builder widget sidebar, the Pages category contains the most often used widgets, but is at the bottom of the list.  It's a nuisance to have to scroll down each time.

Hi @NSPN Someone should correct me if I'm wrong, but the ordering of widgets in the Block Manager is based on the ordering of apps in the ACP:

Could contain: Page, Text, File

Move Pages to the first position.  

This also impacts ordering in other areas on the front-end such as Search.

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5 hours ago, Joel R said:

Someone should correct me if I'm wrong,

Looks like you're wrong.

There is no ordering on the select query that creates the block listing - it's at the mercy of the order in which the widgets were added to the core_widgets table, which would be the order in which applications/plugins were installed (System likely first, then order of installation of other apps)

Could contain: Page, Text


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