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Database errors when trying to upgrade from 4.6.10


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Hello all. I'm trying to upgrade from 4.6.10 to 4.7.14 with no success. I've tried the automatic and manual options

I'm getting 19 similar database errors, such as:

Incorrect key file for table 'core_members'; try to repair it

I assume it's because it's a big jump between versions so the database schema will have changed along the upgrade chain at some point.

Any suggestions? (and thanks in advance!)

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I ran various repair on the DB but get the following error on several of the tables

Note: The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair

I noticed that the tables were mixture of InnoDB and MyISAM

And there was also a mixture of character sets.

I tried changing all the tables to InnoDB, and all the character sets to utf8mb4_unicode_ci, and running repairs using various apps, but still couldn't get the updater to run without crashing my site and having to revert to a backup.

It always seems to end up with a problem re: 'incorrect key files', and if I proceed beyond there the site ends up offline

Incorrect key file for table 'x_table_name_x'; try to repair it

Hey ho, I've run out of time for now - I'll maybe get a chance to have another run at it in a week or so.

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