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Can IPS import member accounts from website?

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I'm in the process of recommending Invision to a friend. They're wanting to add a forum to their existing site, and I think this is exactly what they need. Quick question, and I've tried searching but am not sure of the terms. As it stands now, the website is a large collecting database that requires a user to have a username, e-mail address and password for their account to access the database. The Invision community would be added in a subfolder to the existing site as another feature to work with the database. Is it possible to create automatic accounts in the Invision Community that would match and/or link to the accounts on the current site?

Sorry if that's confusing, but this is just something we're throwing around as we discuss the attributes of IPS for this situation. Thanks in advance!

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Marc Stridgen
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There is an option to create a Login Handler based on an external MySQL database (it has options to specify all the data/fields needed). The forum will load the data from it and, based on how it's setup, create/sync accounts on the forums.


You can take a look at it on your site to verify how it works. Here's a link to the guide: 



If that won't work, or if your friend needs something different, creating a custom Login Handler is also an option.

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